Facebook VR headset prototype looks cool but its not ready

Virtual reality was promised to us long ago by countless science-fiction writers, but all we got was bulky low-res devices with wires everywhere. Well, okay – things are not that bad, but VR is far from perfect in its current state. is one of the big players in the VR game, and it seems the company is exploring new technology, that can make VR systems much more compact and comfortable.

The that Facebook is working on like a pair of oversized sunglasses. Instead of regular refractive optics, it uses something called holographic lenses. This technology allows light to bounce back and forth between the lens and the display, before reaching the eye, effectively fitting large focal lengths into a small space. The result is a much more compact device that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

“The design is demonstrated in a proof-of-concept research device that uses only thin, flat films as optics to achieve a display thickness of less than 9 mm while supporting a field of view comparable to today’s consumer VR products,” reads part of the description on Facebook’s research blog

However, there’s a caveat. The prototype is far from . In its current form, Facebook’s VR glasses can only display green light images. The researchers will try to make a transition from their big desktop prototype (that can display full-color images) to the portable glasses, shown above. Let’s hope they succeed.

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