Facebook said on Thursday that it is updating its workplace policy to prevent political, racial justice, or pandemic conflicts on internal employee message boards.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed this move in a question and answer session with employees.

Facebook spokesperson Joe Osborne said in response to Agence France-Presse’s inquiry: “What we have heard from employees is that they want to participate selectively in debates on social and political issues, rather than accidentally in the work summary. See them.”

“We are updating employee policies and work tools to ensure that our culture remains respectful and inclusive.”

Osborne said that Facebook is strengthening its harassment policy so that employees in underrepresented communities do not face a hostile work environment.

The Silicon Valley-based Internet giant said it will also be more aware of which of its Workplace internal message board are used to controversial political or social issues, and will carefully host these conversations.

Facebook’s role in disseminating misinformation, hatred or speech has made these workplace topics and issues where employees may have strong personal opinions on this topic.

Osborne believes that the technology giant is exploring various ways to promote civil, public debates on work, and all relevant are still professionals.

He said that the details of how Facebook intends to achieve this goal are still being worked out.

Facebook’s move came after CNBC reported that Google called on workers to manage internal message board conversations more carefully due to complaints about fierce, abusive posts.

The shift to remote work by technology companies has expanded the use of internal message boards for employee collaboration and dialogue.

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A year ago, Google updated the workplace guidelines for “Google employees”, calling on them to be responsible, helpful and considerate when communicating on internal message boards or other dialogue forums.

The updated guide states: “Sharing information and ideas with colleagues helps build communities, disrupt the work day, and make people engage in heated debates about politics, while the latest news will not.

“Our main responsibility is to complete the jobs we were hired for, not to spend our working time on debates about non-work topics.”

If this policy is violated, the manager or those who preside over the forum should intervene, withdraw comments, end the discussion, and even take disciplinary action.

According to CNBC, the Internet giants owned by Alphabet are expanding the review program to include more internal discussion groups.

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