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Facebook has released four experimental applications created by a special team of the company.

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Facebook Is trying a Hoby Allowing users to organize and save photos of their personal projects, such as baking or ceramics, indicates that the company is testing and services outside the social network. Users can also create videos of their projects based on these photos to share with family and friends.

The latest application from Facebook's new product experimental team is called Hobbi.

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The application can be used for iPhone In some countries, users are created by a team within Facebook who is experimenting with new products and services. The company says it is forming what is called New product experiment July team. The team may change the application quickly, or even the application if it fails to meet expectations.

According to data from application analysis company Sensor Tower, more than seven months later, the team has released four applications, but none of them have attracted a large number of users. However, only three of these applications are only available in Canada, limiting their adoption. According to sensor tower data, Hobby is currently available in 84 countries, including the United States, Australia and Canada. It was released on Wednesday with less than 5,000 downloads.

Data from Sensor Tower shows that the applications published by Facebook's NPE team have not attracted many users.

Screenshot of Queenie Wong / CNET

Information, Who previously reported the launch of the Hobbi app on Thursday and compared it to social bookmarking site Pinterest. However, there are some differences between the two services. Pinterest allows you to post or "pin" images including images found on the web to a virtual board, which can be helpful when planning your wedding or personal project. You can also search for new images on the website. Hobbi users create a new project and then add photos by bringing them into the app or adding images from their camera roll. This way, they can see their progress on the project. Hobbi users can then create great videos based on these images and share them on other platforms. To sign up for a Hobbi account, users are required to enter their phone number.

Facebook declined to comment on what the NPE team has learned from the experiment so far. Some apps that the team has launched have been closed, but they seem to be popular with teens. Facebook's NPE team has released a campus live broadcast app called AUX, a social networking app called Bump, and a meme creator named Whale, a social networking app that allows you to remain anonymous with college classmates to chat with.

This is not the first Facebook has tried to get employees to experiment more. The company ran a similar startup program similar to Creative Labs, but two years later in 2015, the social network closed informal work. The NPE team is a more formal job of Facebook, but it's unclear how well it works.

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