A spokesperson told Reuters that since the Capitol was besieged last week, has seen more and more signs that possible future violence is related to the fight for the outcome of the US presidential election.

The spokesperson, who spoke on condition of anonymity, was captured by armed pro-Trump demonstrators after the closing of the US Capitol on Tuesday, which seemed to be a galvanizing incident. The spawning efforts to organize gatherings around the country were elected presidents. Date Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

She said the signals that Facebook tracked included leaflets of propaganda campaigns, some of which featured badges that greeted weapons or militias or hate groups.

The FBI warned that on the eve of the inauguration, armed protests are planned in Washington and all 50 US state capitals. A Facebook spokesperson said that since the Congressional protests, the company’s information exchange with law enforcement officials has also accelerated.

The FBI and Biden’s inaugural team did not immediately respond to requests for on the Facebook report.

According to researchers and publicly released information, violent speech on online platforms has surged in the weeks leading up to the turmoil last week, because the right-wing group planned the attack and it was basically public.

When the Capitol was suppressed by Trump’s supporters, white nationalist groups and militias, members of Congress were forced to flee, and they overwhelmed the security forces. Five people were killed in the violence, including a congressional police officer who was beaten while trying to avoid crowds.

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After the turmoil, technology companies took unprecedented steps to suppress baseless allegations of election fraud, which spurred calls for violence. and Facebook blocked Trump’s account, while Amazon Web Services and the main mobile store cut off the services of the social media network Parler.

On Monday, Facebook banned the promotion of the word “ theft,” which has become a rally call for armed protests against Trump. The spokesperson said the company also banned searches for “sweeping the Capitol” and flagged posts containing these phrases for further review.

Under pressure from civil rights organizations, Alphabet’s YouTube suspended Trump’s channel for 7 days.

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