Facebook testing Dark mode for its mobile apps
What do you do when your social media site is attacked because your policy allows offensive and hateful posts to be incited until it blows up? Why started the for the version of the website. Of course, we are talking about . In the past week, the social media giant has lost many of the top ads, including Verizon. From May 22 to June 20, the largest US airline spent nearly $1.9 million on and Instagram ads. As more and more well-known advertisers quit, ’s stock plummeted Causes co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) to shrink in value by about $7 billion Only on Friday.
But we digress. Today social media was told Facebook said it has begun to launch dark mode for “a small percentage of users worldwide. Dark mode converts typical black text on a white background to black text on a white background. This can prevent the user from seeing a white hot background at night or in a dark room and causing discomfort to the eyes. On a mobile phone using an AMOLED display, since the OLED panel generates black by turning off pixels in an appropriate area, battery life can be saved. The turned off pixels will not consume the phone’s battery.

There have been rumors about Facebook’s dark mode for years, and occasionally Facebook has this feature. The latest story we wrote Posted three weeks ago. At the same time, Dark Mode appeared on Facebook Messenger, Facebook Lite, WhatsApp and Instagram. It is also available to users of the desktop (web) version of the website.
A Facebook user People who shared Facebook pictures in dark mode on Twitter Apparently the first developer Beta using iOS 14. To see if your Facebook application has a “dark” mode, go to settings and congratulate if a “dark” mode button appears. You have Facebook’s “dark” mode. Unfortunately, we have not obtained the dark mode iPhone 11 Professional Max Running iOS 13.5.1 And our Pixel 2 XL Run Android 11 beta1. Unless Facebook does expand the scope of this update, it will be another disappointing choice for fans of the “dark” mode who want to provide UI for their Facebook applications.

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