has tested many new and improvements for its mobile application. Some of them are open to the public, while others have been changed before the release. Obviously, as soon as new features are added to the application, initial testing of the new features will begin.

Since the beginning of this , one of the features tested by Facebook is the redesign of the application. Although this is not a comprehensive review of the user interface (UI) we are going to discuss, these changes are very obvious.

Facebook has not made any official statement about these changes, but many users have already used it for Reddit Highlight the new user interface being rolled out to Android devices. The most obvious change (probably the only change worth mentioning) is to reposition the tab from the upper side of the application to the bottom.

Now that the tab is at the bottom, Facebook is becoming easier to use with one hand. Putting all six tabs in the upper part of the application makes it impossible to use Facebook with just one hand, so the new changes are very useful.

Unfortunately, Facebook still seems to be testing the new user interface because some users reported that their Android apps reverted to the old look shortly after noticing the new changes. Some people still have a new user interface, so it is hopeful for those who have not yet received the update.