With the launch of Vanish , Instagram and Messenger will get their own temporary messaging versions. The disappeared message was once a Snapchat signature, although the version now exists on various platforms including WhatsApp and Telegram. Instagram also made changes to its homepage. The recently launched “Scrolls” tab in India is now expanding globally, and the “Shopping” button has also been added to the navigation bar, and notification buttons for likes and comments are pushed to the upper right corner of the homepage.

Facebook announced Vanish Mode as early as September. Now, it has entered Messenger and Instagram, allowing to send messages on DM without staying in the chat history. You can swipe up an existing chat thread to this feature. Just swipe up a second time to bring you back to regular chat mode. Facebook points out that only people who contact you can use vanishing mode in chat. It also doesn’t seem to be suitable for group chats, only for private one-on-one chats. Instagram already has a feature that allows users to send photos and videos that will disappear once they are viewed, and the addition of Vanish mode text makes its messaging function more similar to Snapchat.

The new temporary messaging features on Instagram and Messenger are different from WhatsApp’s recently launched “missing messages” feature. These messages can be screenshots and can be read for 7 days, but the “disappearing mode” chat will disappear after the recipient views it, but if someone takes a screenshot of it before it disappears, the sender will be notified.

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Vanishing mode is now available on Messenger in the United States and many other countries. It will be launched on Instagram and other countries soon.

As mentioned above, Instagram is also undergoing a redesign, and its head Adam Mosseri (Adam Mosseri) has written a blog post explaining these changes. The platform hopes that the “Scrolls” tab will give people the opportunity to “share their creativity with the world and have the opportunity to break through and find an audience.” On the other hand, the “Shop” tab will provide personalized recommendations, editorial selections curated by Instagram’s @shop channel, purchaseable videos, and new product series to closely integrate with the brand. Microsoft said that the “store” label will make it easier for users to be inspired by , shop through Instagram and support small businesses.

Mosseri said that the Instagram home screen has not been updated for quite a while, but the way people create and enjoy culture has changed. Mosseri said in the post: “The risk for Instagram is not that we change too fast, but that we haven’t changed and become irrelevant.”

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