Facebook A new application called "Discovery" has been launched, which will allow users to browse any website for free without paying for mobile data. Instead, it will with Facebook to provide the project ’s telecommunications operators with daily free data quotas as part of the Free Basics plan.

Discover is a mobile web client and Android application that supports low-bandwidth browsing, which users will only be able to use text-based content on web pages. To this end, Facebook routes Web traffic through the Discover agent and temporarily decrypts it to disable video, audio, and other high-bandwidth content.

However, if users want to access prohibited content such as video and audio files on a web page, they can view it by using data paid for their respective operators. You do not need to have a Facebook account to use Discover, and your browsing data will not be used for advertising and other activities.

Discover is currently working with local telecom operators to test in Peru, but Facebook intends to promote it to more regions such as Iraq, the Philippines and Thailand. Users in Peru can access it by visiting 0.discoverapp.com Download the application on any mobile web browser or from the Google Play store.

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By Rebecca French

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