Facebook said on Tuesday that it will launch its news tagging feature in the UK starting next year and pay publishers for stories published through the world’s leading social network.

The American company said that Facebook News will be launched in the United States at the end of January 2019 as part of its global expansion plan.

It added: “With the help of Facebook News, we will pay publishers for content that is not yet available on the platform, help attract new audiences, and create greater profit for publishers.”

The headlines involved in the first wave of transactions included “The Economist”, “The Guardian”, “The Independent” and “The Mirror”, as well as local newspapers “ Evening News”, “Manchester Evening News” and “Scotsman”.

Lifestyle magazines such as Metropolis Magazine, GQ, Vogue and Tatler have also signed contracts, and Channel 4 News has established a video partnership with them.

Facebook’s news partners director Jesper Doub (Jesper Doub) said the company is “actively negotiating” to introduce the feature to France and Germany.

He added: “We will continue to work with issuers in countries where market conditions and regulatory environments attract such investment and innovation.”

Media companies have been trying to reduce advertising revenue and print sales because content has been transferred online and made available for free, forcing many publications to close.

In April, the National Federation of Journalists (NUJ) stated that the coronavirus pandemic has worsened the situation and called on the British government to impose windfall on global technology to help troubled publishers.

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NUJ Secretary-General Seamus Dooley said that foreign platforms based on Facebook, supported by free news content, have generated huge advertising revenue in the UK, but there is almost no domestic tax.

He told AFP: “There are many common reasons between employers and owners. In fact, these are platform providers eating our lunch.”

They rely on the work of media organizations, including the work of reporters, photographers, and videographers. “

Google said last week that after months of sharing news on search results, Google has signed copyright agreements with several French newspapers and magazines.

Agence France-Presse and media groups have filed complaints against Google with the French competition regulator, but have not signed an agreement.

But Agence France-Presse chief executive Fabrice Fries said he was “optimistic” about improving relations with Google, Facebook and Apple, which also sell news features.

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