launched a climate on Tuesday to improve reliable information about climate change because critics questioned its role in disseminating misinformation about the issue.

Facebook said that the project uses its COVID-19 information center as a model and launched a similar function in the vote last month to prepare for the US general election in November.

The tool will be launched in the United States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and eventually spread to other countries.

The company said in an article: “The Climate Science Information Center is a dedicated space on Facebook, with factual resources from the ’s leading climate organizations, and people can take practical measures in their daily lives to deal with climate change.”

It said that articles on climate science news from high-quality publishers and other sources will also be available at the center.

Facebook faces accusations that it has adopted a policy to exempt false claims that public articles and chapters profit from its external fact-checking system.

It has said that it will prioritize misinformation that poses an immediate threat of harm, such as treatments or hate speech that may incite violence.

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s head of global policy, said the company will continue to exempt politicians from false claims about climate change, even though these are usually one of the most popular content on the platform.

Clegg told reporters: “No social media company has tried to do this. The reason is simple. Political speeches are always characterized by exaggeration, choosing to use statistics, and exaggerating the morality of a certain candidate, while others are characterized by evil. Rong.”

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Although Chris Cox, the head of the product, said that he has seen 600 million people click on the tool, executives believe it was a success, but the company did not measure its Coronavirus Information Center’s response to related issues. Validity in terms of false statements about the .

Facebook also confirmed that its global operations will achieve zero carbon net emissions and will be 100% supported by renewable energy this year.

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