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Facebook NPE Experimental Project Section Published One named Hobby As early as February this year, it aimed to assassinate the field. Well, the “Hobby and Project Records” application will have a short lifespan, because the company will cancel the program next month.

according to TechCrunch The report said that users have learned through in- notifications that it will stop running on July 10. has not yet explained why Hobbi will enter the cemetery, but it seems that the user participation here is low. It is worth noting that the application has never been implemented on the Android side of the smartphone ecosystem.

Sensor Tower estimates that Hobbi has had only 7,000 downloads in the months since its debut on the App Store, while Apptopia has received less than 10,000 downloads, while growth in May and June was almost It can be ignored. It seems that Hobbi will fail, which is another attempt to imitate the key appeal of a successful application (in this case Pinterest).

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