The Supreme Court will hear , its Indian Vice President (VP) and Managing Director (MD) Ajit Mohan, and others on Wednesday’s request for the dissolution issued by the Legislative on September 23.

Facebook, Mohan and others have filed an appeal in the Supreme Court a notice issued by the Peace and Harmony Committee of the Delhi Parliament requiring it to testify in court on the grounds that it was suspected of playing a role in the violence in Delhi in February.

The complainant has filed an objection to the court from September 10th to 18th, against two subpoenas issued by the defendant, the Legislative Assembly, Delhi NCT, etc., on the grounds that they violated the basic rights of the complainant under Article 19, paragraph 1. . (A) And in accordance with Article 21 guaranteed by the third part of the Indian Constitution, the petition claims protection.

The petitioner has sought help from the Supreme Court to abolish the two subpoenas issued by the Legislative Council, Delhi NCT and other agencies.

The petitioner stated that the first and second subpoenas issued by the Peace and Harmony Committee of the Legislative Assembly, Delhi NCT and other agencies instructed one of the petitioners, the vice president and the managing director, to appear before the committee on September 23, 2020.

Facebook provides a safe place for expression. It’s worth noting that the petitioner also provides easy-to-use tools that allow to report offensive content. The petitioner claims that the petitioner provides users with the option to report content that violates its publicly available community standards.

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The committee insisted on persuading Ajit Mohan (Ajit Mohan) to speak and expressed a firm threat of his disappearance, believing that it was a “violation of the committee and its prerogatives.” [to take] They claimed that in the ultra vires procedure before the committee, the basic rights and freedoms of the petitioners were under obvious and current threats and were deemed appropriate.”

They added that as a result, the petitioner was forced to sue the court to avoid imminent and irreparable harm to himself.

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