Facebook clarified on Monday that it cancelled the Kisan Ekta page because the automated system marked it as spam. This page is being used by farmers protesting the new agricultural laws. Because the page was deleted for about three hours on Sunday, Facebook was met with widespread public outrage and criticism. The strike was carried out in a live broadcast by a leader of the farmersR7; union. The social media giant did not initially provide any clarification on the matter, but expressed regret for the “inconvenience caused” in the comments.

A Facebook spokesperson told TechnologyShout in a new statement on Monday that it the Kisan Ekta page in less than three hours.

“Based on our comments, our automated system found an increase in activity on the Facebook page www.facebook.com/kisanektamorcha and marked it as spam, which violated our community standards. When we understand the context, we The page was in less than three hours,” the spokesperson said.

Facebook’s update was issued a few hours after the initial announcement, which only regrets the inconvenience caused by the sudden deletion.

The withdrawal of Kisan Ekta MorchaR7;s page triggered severe criticism of Facebook. Several users went to Twitter to express their condemnation.

Someone also claimed that Kisan Ekta MorchaR7;s Instagram account has also been pulled – along with the Facebook page. However, the spokesperson said that only the Facebook page is affected by the automated system, while the Instagram account remains unaffected.

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In June of this year, Facebook banned access to the hashtag #sikh on platform and Instagram. The company said at the time that the label was “wrongly blocked” after its team conducted an incorrect review of its report. It also apologized for the blockade, although it blocked the hashtag #sikh on Instagram again a few hours later at the end of last month.

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