Facebook confesses improperly administered limit gave developers unauthorized access to user data
has Reveal More than 5,000 continue to personal information within a specified time period.
When using the application through Facebook, users grant certain rights to developers so that they can share non-public information, such as their email address and birthday. In 2018, as Cambridge Analytica data collection plot, The company stated that if users do not activate their applications within 90 days, developers will not be able to obtain this information.

The social media giant has now revealed that due to problems with the implementation of this policy, many developers continue to receive updates on user information after their rights expire.

For example, if someone invites a friend to use the fitness app and then stops using it, Facebook cannot explain whether the friend is still active on the app.

The developer’s 5,000 figure is an estimate, the actual figure may be higher. It is unclear how many users were affected and what kind of information was stolen, but the company uses gender and language as examples. The company does ensure that developers can only view that users have previously granted permission to.

Now, this problem has been resolved.

Facebook skillfully blamed developers for part of their blame, saying they had the same role as Facebook in protecting people’s data. The company now proposes new “Platform Terms” and “Developer Policies” that will restrict data developers from forwarding to third parties without the user’s explicit consent. The strategy also outlines who must delete the data developer.

Although this step is undoubtedly a welcome change, a new data breach cannot happen in Worse time.

Facebook faces huge boycott due to content censorship

Many leading companies Pause ads Because the platform lacks the ability to eliminate inflammation content, it cannot be used on Facebook and Instagram.
This is two years later CEO Mark Zuckerberg Had to face the aforementioned Cambridge Analytica scandal of the US Congress. Recall that the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica used personal data without permission, and Facebook failed to delete it.
The Federal Trade Commission took a picture Fine of USD 5 billion Last year involved fraudulent disclosure and privacy issues. It also agreed to pay $100 million for misleading data misuse disclosures, and therefore reached a settlement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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