Even with many stuck at home Apple TV fails to show growth in the number of new subscribers

Apple is expected to achieve its goal of achieving $ 50 billion in service revenue in fiscal 2020. As early as 2016, one year after peak iPhone shipments, the company believes that this will be a good time to get revenue from everyone in those active iPhone divisions (now more than 900 million units). This is achieved by selling services with recurring subscription fees (such as Apple Music). Therefore, Apple has set a goal to double its service revenue from US $ 25 billion in FY2016 to reach US $ 50 billion in FY2020. Thanks to older income sources such as Apple Arcade, Apple News +, Apple TV +, Apple Pay and iCloud, App Store, and AppleCare +, Apple ’s service revenue in the first half of the financial year was $ 26 billion.

Apple TV + has been a big success in “Defending Jacob”

But Cupertino was a bit disappointed with the performance of Apple TV +. Business Insider Report The from Antenna is based anonymous transaction data (such as credit card purchases), indicating that Apple TV + was the only major streaming media that most people were forced to stay at home during the pandemic without increasing the number of subscribers. The number of consumers who registered for Apple TV + subscriptions in March and April was the same as the number registered in February.

The price of Apple TV + is $ 4.99 per month, which is the most affordable in the color ribbon, but it lacks the original TV series, and the competition in this department is very fierce. Disney (Disney +) owns “The Mandalorian” (The Mandalorian), while Netflix (Netflix) has many popular original works, including “Dead to Me” (Dead to Me). Disney + starts at $ 6.99 per month, while Netflix starts at $ 8.99 per month.

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According to Parrot Analytics, it appears that the demand for Apple TV + is picking up. The company does not look at the number of subscribers the service has, but uses many metrics to determine audience needs. Pilot said that in the seven weeks after March 11, the state ’s demand for Apple TV + increased by 10%. The analyst firm pointed out that Apple TV + does not have too many titles to choose from, but the demand for the content provided is “very high”. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of subscribers has not increased, but Sterot Langdon, partner director of Parrot Analytics, said: “So far, the impact of the pandemic audience demand has undoubtedly helped Apple TV Plus. “

It turns out that Apple’s original TV series “Defending Jacobs” (Defending Jacobs) is very popular, and its first record set a record Apple TV +. Since its premiere last month, Parrot Analytics said that in the United States, the demand for the show is 32 times the state average. However, the rest of the original programming on Apple TV + did not work well. Even the star show “Morning Show” with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston took a slow step. “Defend Jacob” is a deputy district attorney, his fourteen-year-old son Jacob was accused of murder and adapted from William Randy’s novel. Chris Evans plays Andy Barber, Jacob’s father.

Just a few days ago, we told you Apple is seeking to strengthen Apple TV + content By buying old movies and TV shows. Considering that Hollywood was shut down due to coronavirus, this strategy is now very meaningful. For Apple +, this may be a big deal. The upcoming World War II movie “Greyhound” starring Tom Hanks is directly appearing in this film. The movie was originally scheduled to be released in the cinema.
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Buy a new Apple device and get Apple TV + for one year for free. Others can try it for free for a week. However, even if it costs $ 4.99 per month, the question remains whether these users will continue to use Apple TV + or give up the service after the free trial period or the end of the one- trial period. Given the current economic situation, consumer spending streaming services may be limited. For Apple TV +, it is not enough to stand out on Disney + or Netflix. Both have deep lineups, including original, older shows and movies.

By Rebecca French

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