Even if is not in the , Epic will not withdraw from the fight with . The day after Apple claimed in court documents that Apple was not entitled to “epic labor results”, CEO Tim Sweeney took a picture of Apple on Twitter and responded to users Comments on ongoing court cases. After Epic Games allowed players to choose to pay for in-app purchases directly to , Apple withdrew Fortnite from the App Store in August to bypass the 30% fee charged by Apple.

“The most disturbing thing about Apple’s position is that they seem to truly believe that they’own’ all the transactions related to the phones they produce, describing the characteristics of direct payment as theft, smuggling and even shoplifting. This is crazy. , Misleading opinions,” Sweeney wrote on Twitter yesterday. In several replies to comments on his posts, he said that just because Apple sold a mobile phone did not give it the right to collect taxes and control the person who bought it.

Apple banned Epic’s Fortnite developer account for “at least 12 months.”

-Tim Sweeney (@TimSweeneyEpic) October 25, 2020

Epic has been launching a fierce #FreeFortnite campaign with Google and Apple because it struggles with “anti-competitive restrictions on the mobile device market.” However, U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers tried the case against Apple, but did not grant an injunction prohibiting Fortnite from unblocking the App Store.

Apple insists that it is fair to remove Fortnite from its App Store. The company recently stated that its actions are reasonable and that its actions are taken in good faith to promote legitimate business interests and have the effect of promoting, encouraging and increasing competition. “Epic’s flagrant disregard of its contractual commitments and other misconduct caused significant harm to Apple,” The Verge was quoted from Apple court documents on Friday.

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TechCrunch cited in a report a lawyer who filed a lawsuit on behalf of Epic Games, claiming that Epic violated certain contractual restrictions imposed by Apple on iOS developers because these restrictions are illegal. “Epic chose to Apple’s monopoly position to show that competition may exist on iOS, and consumers will welcome it and benefit from it.” Epic did so without notifying Apple in advance because Apple would otherwise use its monopoly control to prevent competition. occur. “The report quoted a lawyer as saying.

But now, Apple is not only on the wrong side of Epic Games. Facebook Games is a recently launched cloud service that provides products such as Asphalt 9, which are launched directly from the social network of Android users, not on iOS devices. Play vice president Jason Rubin (Jason Rubin) said on Twitter yesterday that Apple has rejected multiple requests to approve its iOS cloud concept.

Although Apple has not yet issued any response to Rubin’s allegations of preventing the use of Facebook games on iOS devices, Judge Rogers reportedly recommended a jury trial sometime in July 2021 to resolve the civil lawsuit brought by Epic Games.

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