Fortnite creator Epic Games has asked iPhone maker Apple to restore its Fortnite developer account and intends to republish the popular game on iOS in South Korea, offering Epic and Apple payments, it said in a tweet.

It said: “Epic intends to re-release Fortnite on iOS in South Korea, and provide both Epic Payment and Apple Payment in order to comply with the new Korean law.”

Legal experts and developers around the world are waiting for Epic’s ruling on the antitrust case brought by Apple in a US court.

Epic filed a lawsuit after implementing its in-app payment system in Fortnite last year to avoid Apple’s commission. Apple told Epic that the move violated its rules and removed the game from the App Store.

Last week, the South Korean Parliament approved a bill that prohibits major app store operators, including Apple, from forcing software developers to use their payment systems, preventing them from charging commissions for in-app purchases.

Two days later, Apple said it would allow some applications such as Netflix to provide links to its websites for users to pay.

Apple did not immediately respond to a for comment on Thursday.

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