Games will try again on Monday to persuade the judge that although it avoided the standard commissions of the technology giants, it should restore its popular “Fortnite” to ’s .

Apple does not allow users of its popular devices to download apps from anywhere outside of its App Store, and Epic is challenging its approach to reduce the 30% of the fees users spend on apps.

At the time of the conflict, Apple gave priority to using devices supported by its iOS mobile operating software to sell digital content and subscription services to more than one billion people worldwide.

For those app makers who think that Apple’s App Store policy is monopolistic, commission disputes have also become a voice.

Major application developers including Epic and streaming music giant Spotify recently formed an alliance to demand new terms of competition with major online markets operated by Apple and .

Google has tailored the Play Store for the devices on which its software runs, and it also charges commissions, but people are free to get apps from other online places.

The newly formed App Fairness Advocacy Alliance stated that it will seek changes in laws and regulations for app stores that will act as gatekeepers for many mobile software distributed to smartphone users.

This move occurred because more and more people criticized the fees and terms charged by the app store, and Epic and Spotify’s legal to Apple’s online subscription committee.

The hearing, originally scheduled for Monday before a federal judge in California, will look at whether Apple should be forced to win a full-scale lawsuit and put Fortnite back into the App Store.

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After Epic released an to avoid sharing revenue with iPhone manufacturers, Apple withdrew Fortnite from its online mobile app market on August 13.

The judge in the case previously rejected Epic’s emergency injunction request, saying that Fortnite’s expulsion by Apple was “self-injury.”

But Epic did not back down because of the confrontation with Apple. He accused the technology giant of being a “monopolist.”

Due to legal disputes, Fortnite fans using iPhones or other Apple devices can no longer access the latest game updates, including the new season released at the end of August.