SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has completed missions that were not possible in previous manned space missions. The company took four civilian crew members to outer space on a spacecraft without professional astronauts, and returned them safely to Earth three days later. Although the successful mission was an encouragement to others who tried similar things, all civilian crew members encountered some trouble during the voyage. example, there is no oven to heat food. There are also reports of problems with the toilet system. When asked about this, Musk said that the next mission will definitely upgrade toilets and small ovens to heat meals.

Musk also said that the next Dragon capsule can transport people and environmentally sensitive goods to space. It will have Wi-Fi connections from Starlink, a satellite Internet system operated by SpaceX, which serves most of the earth. Provide satellite internet access.

The crew of Insipiration4 launched from the Kennedy Space Center on September 15. The stated goal of the mission is to democratize space. Earlier, the crew made an “extraordinary” complaint that their pizza was cold in space. Musk expressed “sorry” this and promised that the “Dragon” capsule would provide heated food. And free Wi-Fi option.

When a Twitter user asked Musk about this, he said that the next mission will have a small oven.

After the crew returned to Earth on Saturday, mission director Todd Erickson said at a press conference that there was a small problem with the waste management system, but a solution was quickly found. He did not say what the minor problem was, but Musk admitted that he encountered “some challenges” during the flight.

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A Twitter user asked if he would promise to install heated tile seats next, and Musk said the toilet system would be upgraded.

This is the third time SpaceX has taken humans to space and brought them back to space. The other two are in August 2020 and May this year.

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