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New Delhi: Electric car After receiving 2,600 awards, every four kilometers in large cities can use (EV) charging infrastructure charging station People familiar with the matter said that went to the state-owned company. This, they said, would address anxiety issues in the area of ​​electric vehicles.

The government has Energy Efficiency Lab with Riel A person familiar with the matter said, however, that the actual sanctions the contract can only be imposed after the public sector has signed a memorandum of understanding on the land for the proposed charging station. They said it would ensure that the two companies would not bid.

Rajasthan Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. and Efficiency Services Co., Ltd. (EESL) have received large orders for the establishment of sites in 62 cities with more than one million people. NTPC and Grid company It also became a low-price bidder at the station.



"Only when these companies are able to produce a memorandum of understanding for the land production of the proposed charging station, we will give the final reward. So far we have issued 600-700 sanctions and hope to grant all of them within one month. Contract. "An official said condition of anonymity.

"Once these charging are established, there will be one charging station every four kilometers in more than one million cities. This will bring us closer to the goal of having one charging point every three kilometers," he said.

The official also said that the companies had been asked to in accordance with the principles of the Ministry of Heavy Industry to start awarding contracts.

Urban local agencies in Dehradun, Guwahati and Tirupati, as well as municipal companies in Navi Mumbai and Bhubaneswar, have also been awarded some contracts in Fame II (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing (Hybrid and) Electric Vehicles-Subsidy Program), which is targeted at It is the electrification of public and shared transportation, as well as the laying of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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