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Limited edition games

Today, “Limited Run Game” revealed more than 30 physical games in its LRG3 live broadcast. Many of the content will be available on later this year, so we will aggregate them into a post. Please enjoy!

Shantae-scheduled to open this

You know what you want! The original GBC Shantae will return from @LimitedRunGames in the form of a copy car and will be booked in this year! In addition, the game will switch between physical and digital at the same time!


Shantae: Risky’s Revenge: Director’s Cut-Autumn 2020

According to popular demand, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge-Director’s Cut will be digitally switched to Switch and Xbox One this fall! @LimitedRunGames is also about to release the physical Switch version of this classic action adventure!

Adventurous Revenge

Mummy out of print-July 31

As the physical release of @LimitedRunGames, “Mummy Out of Print” is on the rise again! Pre-orders will be made on Switch and PS4 on July 31!


Xtreme Sports-October 2020

@WayForward’s Xtreme Sports won a limited game of GameBoy Color and Switch in October. #LRG3

Extreme sport

Castlevania: Anniversary Series-Fall 2020

@Konami’s Castlevania: Anniversary series is in the fall of PS4 and Switch. #LRG3 #Castlevania

Castle town

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2-TBD

Blood stained by @IntiCreatesEN: “Curse of the Moon 2” won the limited edition test of Switch and PS4. #LRG3

Curse of Full Moon Blood 2

Powerful Gunvolt erupts-August 28

@IntiCreatesEN’s Mighty Gunvolt Burst won the PS4 limited running and Switch on Friday, August 28th. #LRG3

Powerful Gunvolt burst

Grandia HD Series-August 7

Grandia HD Collection from @GungHo_America won the limited competition of on August 7. #LRG3


Katana Zero-November 2020

@devolverdigital’s Katana Zero won the limited competition in November! #LRG3

Katana Zero

Moon landing-fourth quarter of 2020

@XD_EN_Official’s “Moon Landing” won the limited competition in the fourth quarter. #LRG3

To the moon

The Return of Obra Dinn-July 24

Obra Dinn, who has received critical acclaim from @dukope’s mind, returned on July 24 to win the PS4 and Switch limited game. #LRG3

Ober Dunn's Return

Tower lift-third quarter of 2020

@MattThorson and @exok_games’ Towerfall Ascension won the limited competition in the third quarter of this year. #LRG3

Tower Ascension

Super Meat Boy Forever-TBD

@SuperMeatBoy Forever will get limited edition running of PS4 and Switch. #LRG3

Super Meat Boy Forever

Samurai Jack Traveling Through Time-TBD

@SamuraiJackGame will get a limited edition of PS4 and Switch! #LRG3

Samurai Jack

Trover saved the universe-Q4 2020

Trover saved the universe through @JustinRoiland, and the people of @SquanchGames won the limited game in the fourth quarter of this year. #LRG3

Trover saved the universe

PixelJunk Eden 2-TBD

PixelJunk Eden 2 will get a limited edition of Switch! #LRG3 @PixelJunkNews

Pixel Eden 2

Error Fable: Eternal Sapling-TBD

Error parable: Eternal Sapling will get the eternal physical version of PS4 and Switch. #LRG3 @PaperBugDev

False allegory

Devil Turf-TBD

@Fabrazz’s Demon Turf will receive a limited competition from Nintendo Switch! #LRG3

Demon Turf

note: The actual release below is part of the LRG release and sold on behalf of the publisher. These physical versions were not created by LRG, nor were they part of the numbered release version.

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Carrion-to be determined


gray -To be determined


MegaDimension Neptunia VII-July 28

Chaowei Neptune VII

Observer -To be determined

Observer switch

Ishikawa Lin’s friends -July 21

Ishikawa Lin's friends

Water tastes like wine-TBD

Water tastes like wine


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