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We are happy to bring survival horror, Persistence To Xbox One fans, we want to provide you with low-key knowledge of the game, as well as tips for people who want to seize the opportunity when they log in to the Microsoft Store today on May 22.

Persistence Challenge you, a clone of security manager Zimri Eder, to survive in the fatal deep space colony spaceship and be filled with terrible and deadly distortions. Everyone else is dead. Your task? Enter a deeper deck to restore the ship’s function and return to Earth somehow.

We are inspired by classic sci-fi and movies (you know what they are!), And we work hard to develop our own market segments in the genre, adding new changes, such as rogue / lite with high production value. Overall, despite the many odds, we especially want to give players a real sense of progress. Here are some tips and tricks for beginners to enter Persistence.


Secretly play

You are likely to die a lot. Your old mutant teammate will tear your limb from your limbs at a loss. You play as security officer Zimri Eder. Okay, kind of. In every new life, you will play a new clone and restore her Engram (memory and personality).

The arrival of each new life gives her the opportunity to re-sequence her DNA, thereby cloning more powerful clones from the stem cells harvested from the unfortunate creatures you will encounter in each run. You can also recover DNA from the host of the shipwrecked crew and clone their corpses for living, each with their own unique advantages.


Invisibility is your friend

Persistence Not a running and gun-type game-in the game we have multiple weapons, from melee, projectiles to “dark matter” prototypes, but these weapons often carry limited ammunition. These mutants are very dangerous, especially on the lower deck of the ship, and you can be taken out with just one click. Being familiar with the environment and knowing when not to fight is as important as knowing the right moment to strike.


Navigation is the key

Persistence Has a very unique technology-it has a macro structure that can move and change, so each time you run, as you move between decks, the layout of the boat will also change and change. Therefore, for “persistence “For speaking, no two expeditions are the same, and each run will be played in a different way. Each deck on the ship has a unique feel, unless you can find the deck module to allow you to teleport directly to a specific deck as needed, otherwise you need to step through each deck gradually.

It is a good start to constantly check the map and put down markers to help you navigate, and pay close attention to the door button will change color to indicate that you have browsed. Convenient shortcuts can help you understand where you are.


Upgrade is essential

Therefore, you can upgrade your core statistics, but you can also unlock equipment (such as shields), suits (which can increase gains) and weapons through Erebus tokens and Fabricator chips. You will find various schematics while playing, and you should regularly check the “schematic maker” on the “Recycling” platform to ensure that you are equipped with the best items that you can afford.

Therefore, you have mastered these skills, which should allow you to gain in the few runs Persistence. good luck!

Xbox Live


Fire Wizard Co., Ltd.


$ 29.99

“Persistence” challenges you to be destined to survive in a spaceship in a deep space colony in 2521. “Persistence” was trapped in an unavoidable black hole, abnormal operation, and troubled, the crew became a terrible and fatal distortion. What you decide is a clone of security personnel Zimri Eder, which allows you to go deeper into the depth of “persistency” to the system and prevent the spaceship from being torn. Collect resources in this cruel sci-fi horror character, improve your abilities and create an arsenal.

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