The American epic science fiction movie “Dune” will be released in India and HBO Max this week. This star-studded film is directed by the Oscar-nominated French-Canadian director Dennis Villeneuve. In the sand dunes, the young nobleman Paul Atreides and his family were forced to fight for the dangerous desert planet Arrakis, the most valuable substance in the universe: “Spices “Hometown. “Dune” is the first part of a two-part adaptation of the science fiction project of the same name created by Frank Herbert in 1965. This movie only covers about half of the novel, and still has an amazing 2 hours and 35 minutes running time.

In other words, “Dune” has received positive reviews so far after its release. The cast of this movie includes Timothy Chalamet, Zandaya, Jason Momoa, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin and Javier Baden. Filming locations Budapest, Jordan, Norway and Abu Dhabi. “Dune” is produced by Legendary Pictures and Villeneuve Films, and is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Dune will only be released on HBO Max in the United States.

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With this, let us dive into all the information you need to know about Dune, including release date, cast, trailer, music, and Dune 2.

Dune release date

The film premiered at the 78th Venice International Film Festival on September 3. The film was then released on September 15 in selected locations in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and France. “Dune” will be released in September in Russia, Spain and the UAE in the second half of the year.

“Dune” is scheduled to be released in the United States and India on October 22. By then, “Dune” will also be played on HBO Max for free in the first month. With HBO Max, you can download Dune on your phone or tablet.

Fans in Australia will have to wait until December 2 to catch up with the movie.

“Dune” was originally scheduled to be released in 2020. The film was originally scheduled to be released in November 2020, and was later changed to December 2020, and then it was postponed to 2021.

Dune cast

Dune’s cast includes Paul Atredes, heir of the Paul Atredes family played by Timothy Chalamey, and Rebecca Ferguson as Paul’s mother Jay, Bennet Jeserit Mrs. Sika, Oscar Isaac plays Paul’s father, Duke Leto Atredes.

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Josh Brolin plays Gurney Harleck, the weapon master of the Atelaide family, and Jason Momoa plays Duncan Idaho, the sword master of the Atelaide family. Stephen McKinley Henderson (Stephen McKinley Henderson) as Thufir Hawat (Thufir Hawat) of the Atredes family, Charlotte Rampling as Gaius Helen Mohim (Gaius Helen Mohiam), he is the mother of Pastor Bene Gesserit and shares a past with Mrs. Jessica.

The star-studded cast also includes the villain Baron Vladimir Kharkonen played by Strand Skarsgard. Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista plays Glossu Laban, the sadistic nephew of the Baron. The star of the Suicide Squad, David Das Marchian, plays Piter de Vries (Piter de Vries) of the Hakonan family.

Zendaya plays Chani, a Fremen woman and Paul’s lover. Javier Bardem plays Stilgar, the leader of the Freeman tribe. Freemans are Arakis who live deep in the desert.

Rebecca Ferguson as Mrs. Jessica, Zandaya as Chaney, Javier Baden as Stillga, and Chalamet as Paul Atredes
Image credit: Chiabella James/Warner Bros.

Zhang Chen plays Dr. Su Ke, Dr. Yue Wellington. The gender of the imperial ecologist Dr. Leit Keynes is reversed in the film and is played by Sharon Duncan-Brewster.

Sand Dune director, writer, producer

Legendary Pictures has signed Oscar-nominated director Denis Villeneuve to direct “Dune” before February 2017. Villeneuve’s directorial works include “Arrival”, “Sicario” and “Blade Runner 2049”. “Arrival” starring Amy Adams won eight Oscar nominations in 2017.

Insider reported that Villeneuve insisted on filming the dunes in real locations. Villeneuve told the New York Times that he deliberately chose the real shooting location to “inspire myself to find the feeling of isolation and introspection I have been looking for” and his mental health. Villeneuve’s name is also attached to the script and is one of the producers of this film.

The winner of the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and five-time Oscar nominee Eric Rose with Jon Spatz and Villeneuve is one of the three screenwriters of “Dune.” Speaking of the movie, Rose told Collider, “[Working on Dune] great. I did some work for Dennis when I arrived, and we became some soul mates. So when the sand dune appeared, he asked me if I would approach it. I did it. I wrote a large, complete, and covered Eric Roth draft, with something special to me. “

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Dune was produced by Villeneuve, Mary Parent, Cale Boyter and Joe Caracciolo Jr. The executive producers are Tanya Lapointe, Joshua Grode, Herbert W. Gains, Jon Spaihts, Thomas Tull, Brian Herbert, Byron Merritt and Kim Herbert.

The photography of “Dune” was taken by Australian cinematographer Greig Fraser. His works include “Zero Dark Thirty”, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and “The Lion”.

The costume design was completed by Oscar-nominated Jacqueline West and co-designer Bob Morgan.

Dune Music

The background music of “Dune” was scored by the well-respected German film composer Hans Zimmer. The Oscar-winning music director had previously collaborated with Villeneuve on “Blade Runner 2049.” According to Variety, in the first trailer for “Dune”, Zimmer supervised a 32-person choir through Facetime and recorded the cover of Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse”. A 32-member Los Angeles ensemble gathers four at a time to score the music in eight sessions at the Zimmer Remote Control Studio in Santa Monica.

Introduction to Dune

A fabulous and emotional heroic journey, Dune tells the story of Paul Atredes. He is a talented and talented young man born of a great destiny he cannot understand. He must travel to the universe The most dangerous planet to ensure the future of the family and his people. As malicious forces erupt in conflict, competing for the exclusive supply of the most precious resource on earth — a commodity that can unleash the greatest potential of mankind — only those who can overcome fear will survive.

Dune Box Office

To date, Dune has raised approximately US$129 million (approximately 9.7 billion rupees) after its international offering.

Dune trailer

More than a year ago, Warner Bros. released the first edition of Dune in April 2020.

The first trailer for “Dune” was released in September 2020. The second trailer for “Dune” was released in July this year. Dune’s last trailer was released earlier this month. The final dune trailer made fun of the second part of Dune. Finally Zandaya said: “This is just the beginning.”

Dune Review

On the comment aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, based on 141 comments, Dune’s approval rate is 89%. Critics of the platform agreed that “Dune occasionally struggles with its clumsy source material, but these problems are largely obscured by the scope and ambition of this visually exciting adaptation.”

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On Metacritic, another review aggregator, based on 37 reviews of critics, the film received 75 points (out of 100 points), indicating “overall praise”.

Sand dunes 2

Dune, the title on the screen is Dune: Part One, which has been planned as a two-part movie. The first part of the film only covers about half of the science fiction novel of the same name by Frank Herbert. For Dune: In the first part, Paul Atreides played by Chalamet is the protagonist. But Villeneuve revealed that Zandaya, who plays Charney, a native of Alakis and Paul’s lover, will take over as the protagonist of Dune: Part Two.

“When I was casting for the role of Chani, I met a lot of actresses,” Villeneuve said. “Zendaya wanted to audition. Today, after filming this movie and seeing what a wonderful actress she is, I’m sorry I auditioned her… I can’t wait to shoot the second part of “Dune” and let them Get together again. Knowing that in the next chapter, Zandaya will be the protagonist of the story.”

Warner Bros. has not yet approved “Dune 2.”

Will there be more sand dunes?

WarnerMedia also announced a spin-off series from the movie “Dune: Sisterhood.” The derivative series is provided for its HBO Max streaming service, and will belong to the same universe as Villeneuve’s Dune Restart. The spin-off will serve as a prequel to the movie. Villeneuve will supervise the pilot, and Spatz was originally appointed as the script for Dune: Sorority. However, he left the series in late November to focus on the film sequel. Diane Ademu-John will become the new host of the spin-off series. The series will be told through the eyes of a mysterious female organization called Bene Gesserit.

Dune poster

Dune poster Warner Bros. d

Image source: Warner Bros.

  • release date October 22, 2021
  • language English, Hindi
  • type Adventure, plot, science fiction
  • Throw

    Timothy Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Strand Skarsgard, Dave Batista, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Zandaya, David Dasmazian, Zhang Chen, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Charlotte Lamplin, Jason Momoa, Javier Baden

  • Director Dennis Villeneuve
  • Producer Kyle Boyt, Joe Caracciolo, Mary Parent, Dennis Villeneuve
  • music Hans Zimmer
  • Production Legendary pictures