Microsoft suspended the free trial of Windows 365 just one day after launching its cloud PC service. The Redmond said it had to suspend its free trial program for Windows 365 due to “huge demand.” Windows 365 aims to provide users with a mature computing experience through a variety of virtual processing cores, RAM, and storage options. The service provides personal computing based on Windows 10 or Windows 11 (when available) through a web browser. This enables device-independent access to Windows PCs via the cloud.

“After a lot of demand, we have reached the ability to test Windows 365,” Microsoft notify The user goes through the official Microsoft 365 account on Twitter.

The is redirecting users to on the Windows 365 webpage so that they can be notified when the trial resumes.

“We have seen an incredible to Windows 365, and we need to suspend our free trial plan while we provide additional capacity,” said Scott Manchester, Director of Program Management for Windows 365 explain In a tweet.

However, Microsoft has not yet specified how many users can sign up for the free trial and whether it will continue to provide support for customers who sign up under its free trial program. TechnologyShout has contacted the to seek clarification on these two points and will update this space in response.

It is worth noting that Windows 365 in the current model is designed for enterprises and not for the general public. However, this service seems to be able to gain more interest than Microsoft initially expected.

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Windows 365 was released last month and is Microsoft’ solution to the growing demand for personal computers. The service can be accessed through a web browser on any Windows, Mac, iPad, and Android device to provide a complete experience similar to a PC. It also allows customers to choose from a set of available configurations, starting with a virtual processing core, 2GB RAM and 64GB storage.

In addition to the free trial, Windows 365 can also be provided to customers on a monthly payment model. It starts with the rupees. 1,555 and rose to Rs. 12,295, depending on the configuration they choose.

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