Apple said on Monday that to the pandemic, it will waive application fees for paid activities (such as cram schools and fitness classes) until 30.

This move is designed to help teachers and performers of the pandemic continue to use the iPhone app for virtual classrooms and activities for free.

Apple initially agreed to the exemption until December due to concerns raised by and others seeking help for people who have cancelled face-to-face classes and events due to a global emergency.

Apple said on its developer website: “As the fights COVID-19, we recognize that adapting the face-to-face experience to the experience is still a top priority.”

Apple said the move affected the “in-app purchase” requirements for these services, and it chose to give those affected more time to adapt to the pandemic.

Earlier this year, Facebook asked Apple to skip the 30% cuts normally made in mobile apps before enabling the social platform’s streaming apps to create, promote and host everything from concerts, theater performances to yoga Paid activities for classes and cooking classes.

This move comes after more and more developers and antitrust law enforcement officers are rigorously reviewing App Store charges. In most cases, App Store charges are set at 30%. They argue that Apple is abusing Its dominance in the market.

The iPhone maker said last week that developers who earned less than US$1 million (approximately Rs 7 crore) from selling apps in their stores will see Apple’s revenue drop to 15%.

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