Each generation of consoles has undergone many improvements in hardware, graphics, and user interface (UI). However, according to a hilarious tweet from a user, it also brings some drawbacks. It may not be a deal breaker for most people, but it may be a bit disappointing for some long-term users. Professional video producer Gabriel Roland (@noukon) said on Twitter that his PacMan Ghost incarnation has become “smaller and smaller” with each generation. After seeing this tweet, Xbox Engineering Director Eden Marie said that she will solve this problem as her “personal mission.”

Roland Tweet He bought a player avatar (the profile icon of an user) with 80 Xbox Points in 2006. Since then, with the advancement of display technologies such as 4K screens, the size of the avatar has gradually shrunk. However, Roland joked that he “will not give in.” He said he would stick to his favorite gamer “until the sea boils.”

Since Roland posted on Twitter, several people have shared related posts, and many users said they have also encountered this problem.

A user (@migrantp) posted a picture of his avatar, which was also reduced in size. Users only say “Unity”.

Here are more users who shared their own reduced game screens:

user who supported Roland (@No07525869) asked why Microsoft can’t just “extend” to solve the problem.

As Roland’s tweet gained attention, Eden Marie (@neonepiphany), Head of Engineering at Xbox Responded that She can’t promise anything, but solving problems is her “personal mission.”

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As the first step to understand the problem, Mary said that she bought the player’s picture package for $2.38 (approximately 180 rupees).

Mary also seems to enjoy the challenge, Say“Wow, this is… a trip”, this will be a Multi-step journey.

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