NASA and high-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk’s rocket company SpaceX announced on Friday that they plan to put four astronauts into orbit. This is NASA’s first full-scale human mission using a private spacecraft. 24 delay.

NASA officials said that due to forecasts of wind gusts over Florida, onshore winds-the remnants of tropical storm Eta Peak-have shortened the lift-off from Saturday to Sunday night, which will make the Falcon 9 rocket feasible. The booster stage that is reused is difficult to return.

SpaceX’s newly designed Crew capsule is called “resilience” by its crew, and it will be located at Cape Canaveral from NASA at 7:27 PM Eastern Time on Sunday (Monday 0027 GMT). The Kennedy Space Center was rescheduled to on Falcon 9.

The crew flying to the International Space Station included three American astronauts-Victor Glover (Victor Glover), Shannon Walker (Shannon Walker) and mission commander Mike Hopkins (Mike Hopkins).

The fourth crew member was Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi, who was in orbit for the third time since he took the US space shuttle in 2005 and the Russian Soyuz spacecraft in 2009.

The new launch time extends the journey of the space station from approximately eight hours to a little more than a day, which is considered the first “crew” mission performed by SpaceX.

After the completion of the space shuttle program, in August a test flight of the space shuttle with two crew on the “Dragon” was carried out. This was the first time that NASA astronauts launched from the soil of the United States in 9 years after the completion of the space shuttle program. Space flight.

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NASA officials just signed the final design plan for the “Crew Dragon” earlier this week. Under the space agency’s -private partnership project, the development phase of SpaceX has been close to 10 years.

The emergence of Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon represents a new era of commercial development of spacecraft-owned and operated by private entities (not NASA)-used to transport Americans into orbit.

NASA Administrator Jim Bradenstine said at a press conference at the Kennedy Space Center on Friday: “The history this time is that we are launching so-called operational flights to the International Space Station.”

Billionaire Silicon Valley giant Musk (Musk), is also the CEO of marker and battery manufacturer Tesla (Tesla), Usually personally participate in the famous SpaceX mission. However, after he said he had performed a series of four diagnostic tests, he was questioned on Thursday, two of which returned positive and the other two returned negative.

When asked whether Musk will take off in the launch control room, Bradenstein said that the agency policy requires employees to be quarantined and self-quarantine after they test positive for the disease. “Therefore, we hope this will happen. occur.”

Whether Musk has contact with the astronauts is unclear, but it is unlikely because the crew has been in routine quarantine for several weeks before the flight.

NASA signed a contract with SpaceX and Boeing in 2014 to jointly develop a competitive space capsule. The purpose is to replace the space shuttle program that ended in 2011 and free the United States from dependence on Russian rockets, thereby sending American astronauts into space.

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Boeing uses the Starliner capsule for the first manned test, which is scheduled to be conducted in the second half of next year.

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