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In the digital audio equipment industry, designing algorithms that enable processing usually requires a lot of engineering work. This has led to emerging domestic handicraft industries, including DSP conceptWork algorithm providers to reduce audio development and time to market. Five years after its establishment, DSP today announced that it has received new funding to expand its customer and hire employees at its offices in Santa Clara, California; Boston, Massachusetts; Stuttgart, Germany; and soon Taiwan. (There are currently 48 employees, 38 of whom are engineers.)

Taiwania Capital led a $ 14.5 million Series B round of financing. Sony Innovation Fund, Porsche Ventures, BMW iVentures, ARM IoT Fund, etc. participated in the financing, bringing the total funding of DSP. Over $ 25 million. Chief technology officer Paul Beckmann said that before this year, audio equipment customers had deployed more than 40 million.

Beckman said: "We like to think of Audio Weaver as the building block of audio: we provide more than 400 audio & # 39; Legos & # 39; including support for everything from high-efficiency (IoT) devices to ultra-high-end automotive systems Module. "Before he co-founded DSP Chin Beckmann in 2015, he led Bose's R & D project. ), We are starting to see huge leaps in everything from car audio to edge (Internet of Things) devices and even AI-based medical monitoring. "

The company offers a range of audio product development solutions for automotive, home audio, set-top boxes and car TVs. Smart Home ManufacturerAmong them are Zoox, Bugatti, Panasonic, Sony, Baidu, Bose, Logitech, Tesla, Braun, BMW, GoPro and Porsche.

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DSP's flagship product is Audio Weaver, a cross-platform audio processing engine a library of more than 400 audio building blocks for embedded Arm, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Intel, MediaTek, NXP and others The processor is optimized. With Audio Weaver, engineers can change signal processing layouts without recompiling or refreshing the hardware, and they can use memory profiles to determine processor selection. In addition, they can adjust product performance and add features on the fly without having to learn any coding skills or programming languages.

DSP concept

Above: Screenshot of the Audio Weaver interface.

Image source: DSP concept

Audio Weaver Designer has a drag-and-drop interface, and dashed lines represent non-audio control data or volume and balance. System status information, such as battery power; and derived values, such as event detection flags. The user can click on the module to ensure that such control information is exchanged the surrounding firmware, and adjust the mapping, optimize the control signal and query the execution time and memory usage of the module in the layout.

DSP also offers TalkTo, a set of machine learning and microphone processing algorithms that provide a "quiet room" experience in noisy environments. It includes an audio front end that serves as the original "microphone cleaner" Audio Detect, extract and clear voice activity from ambient sounds from the device's microphone. The wake-word engine continuously scans the provided speech stream for specific phrases (such as "Alexa"). When the wake word is detected, the extracted voice command is passed to a cloud-based service or a local service, which converts the voice into text and determines the user's intention.

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Lee Huang, managing partner of Taiwan Aviation Capital Fund, said in a statement: "Through our due diligence process, the DSP concept has impressed us." The company has performed the technology development, which proves that The fit of the product to the market, and … an impressive list of customers has been established that proves the value of the technology. We are happy to have the opportunity to help companies expand their business globally, especially in Taiwan, where DSP Concepts technology can help domestic companies move up the value chain. "

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