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You might think of as machines that usually at high altitudes, but in they are also flying .

Tokyo Metro, which operates most of the capital ’s vast subway network, is using the technology to inspect the upper part of train tunnels, Japan News Reported this .

Instead of using time-consuming scaffolding and lifting platforms, drones can easily fly up to vents or other parts of a tunnel to send live video to nearby operators. High-resolution still images will also be captured for later analysis.

Inspection drone of Tokyo subway.
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The remote-controlled custom helicopter is wrapped in a 22-cm-diameter spherical plastic cage to protect it from time to time during flight inspections of the tunnel. The machine weighs 2.5 pounds (approximately 1.15 kg) and weighs only one shade DJI's Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter.

A demonstration of the system (shown below) shows the process of an operator skillfully driving a drone whose small size allows it to slide between pillars and through gaps in concrete to look for structural irregularities or leaks And other issues.

Although sometimes a visual inspection from the ground is sufficient to determine if a problem needs to be addressed, it is often difficult to determine in which case a scaffolding or engineering vehicle with a lifting platform is required. look carefully.

Compared to these traditional methods, the drone is faster and more cost-effective to set up, and is able to collect more detailed in a short period of time.

As pointed out by the Japan News, the 9 subway lines of the Tokyo Metro are 121 miles (about 195 kilometers) long, 85% of which pass through tunnels. The drone is only used on one of the city's subway lines, but plans to deploy them on all of its 10 lines by the end of this .

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Deploying drones underground is one of the less common uses we encounter, but it makes perfect sense. this is only Newest In more and more people of example how is it technology Yes Change way We do our work.

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