2020 Lexus LC Inspriation Series f34 NR

Los Angeles, California—As early as the 1980s and even the 1990s, it was often said that Japanese automakers were great imitators, not innovators. With the help of post-mortem analysis, I think this is not completely correct or fair. In shaping the US auto industry, few countries can do more than Japan, even more than Detroit. Enter my one-week 2020 Lexus LC500 Inspired Series Tour,

I’m in a good mood. I think LC500 becomes one of Lexus’ most innovative cars, And it’s nice to spend time with me. But I can still see the main point of imitation: in a sense, the LC500 is like a “best-selling list” of sports luxury coupe.

Forget the appearance, how to drive the Lexus LC500?

The 2020 Lexus LC500 inspiration series was exciting from the beginning: stepping on the brakes, pressing the power switch, and then the 5.0- V-8 exhaust pipe sparked, which would make the modern Detroit muscle car proud. (It’s valid for me to say this because my LC500 loans overlap With Ford Mustang GT. I’m not sure which car will sound better when the flame is turned off.

Slide the gearbox into gear (this is the Prius shifter, with us Four seasons LS500, But I still don’t like it), and then we left. Speeding up on the LC500, all I can think of is the residents of the past four seasons, Our 2018 BMW M550i xDrive. LC500 has an excellent soundtrack, with a good old V-8 murmur. This car clearly shows that all the power you need needs to wait patiently until it is under your right foot ball, and it will appear immediately when you need it.

Powerful power accompanied by great civilization

However, the 2020 Lexus LC500 Inspired Series doesn’t need to hit your back sm frequently, reminding you that it should be a sports car. It is quiet, comfortable and full of confidence. It has the same self-confidence as the high-power German car. While cruising in Los Angeles, I felt like I was driving an uninterrupted Mercedes AMG.

When I was driving the LC on the track, I never had the opportunity to launch it on the roads I knew. I am eager to see if Germanic demeanor will persevere when running hard. Answer: Mainly. The LC500 I drive is One of the 100 inspired series of cars built for the 2020 model year, So it lacks the $9,570 dynamic processing kit (due to its glass top cover, Lexus does not allow you to order both in the same car), which provides LC with variable ratio steering, rear wheel steering, anti-skid differential and Upgraded brake pads and other advantages. Even so, it still has 98% of the downward movement, rapid braking, sharp turns and straight down to the next corner.

I think the traction control light will flash through several bends, I think this is a sign of the lack of a limited-slip differential, and I don’t want to turn off the stability control on these curved mountain roads, although Lexus has never been completely turned off Allows you to disable the system. These flashes reminded me of the dynamic stability control system of my former company, Toyota, which used to cut off power and cover with blankets until the terrible scary corners disappeared. DSC sometimes complains, but does not take any action, this is what I often do. I decided to solve it because I spent the same good time in LC as any German athlete who walked on the same road.

Lexus LC500 drives German, British feeling

If the driving style of the Lexus LC500 Inspired Series in 2020 is almost German, I would say that its design sensitivity is almost British. Now that LC has been around for a few years, the visual effects have become somewhat blurred (if you ask me, the Nori Green scheme for my car does not help it), but I will remind you how fascinating this is. The car is from the inside out. More importantly, I will remind you Unique Both inside and outside are cars. The LC500 has reminded me of what mass-produced Aston Martin will look like, while ignoring the fact that mass production is almost everything that Aston Martin represents. (Well, except for the little swan.)

If there is a problem with this car, it is the price. All my car-loving friends stopped to check on Lexus (and there are a few), and they all agreed that the design was amazing and the soundtrack was amazing. After admiring the car, each of them said something: “But wait, isn’t this thing worth $100,000?”

Almost yes, the base price of the 2021 LC500 is exactly $95,000 (including destination fees), and this 2020 Inspiration series car has a unique interior, upgraded leather and head-up display, priced at $104,105. For the record, the 2021 LC500 I expected, with a dynamic processing package, sounds great with Mark Levinson stereo and HUD, and costs $106,690.

Is the Lexus LC500 worth it?

Obviously, the six-digit floor price does not coincide with these people’s understanding of Lexus’ market position. As a person who evaluates the car for a living, I disagree. I think the appearance, sound, and driving style of the LC500 have received six-figure price tags, although I have to wonder why someone has to spend so much money on the car to face the Lexus’ overly complicated touchpad-driven infotainment system. Why is there wireless charging pad?

The stereo/navigation interface is one of the areas where the Lexus LC500 inspiration series (and LC in general) will drop in 2020, but in all other respects, I think the LC500 is excellent. It can be seen that it is beautiful, can sail comfortably, and can drive fast. Whether the Japanese auto industry is an innovator or an imitator has been debated, but the Lexus LC500 is one of the best sports coupe on the market today.

2020 Lexus LC500 Inspiration Series

  • Amazing beauty
  • Active driving is great
  • Drive gently beautifully

The 2020 Lexus LC500 inspiration series is missing:

  • Touchpad infotainment is hard to use
  • Unable to get glass sunroof car packaging
  • Are you ready to pay more than $100,000 for Lexus?
2020 Lexus LC500 Inspired Series Specifications
For sale: just now
price: $104,105 (basic)
engine: 5.0 DOHC 32 valve V-8 / 471 hp @ 7,100 rpm, 398 lb-ft @ 4,800 rpm
spread: 10-speed automatic
layout: 2 doors, 4 passengers, front engine, RWD coupe
EPA miles: 16/25 mpg (city/highway)
Length x width x height: 187.4 x 75.6 x 53.0 inches
Wheelbase: 113.0 inches
weight: 4,280 lbs
0-60 mph: 4.7 seconds
Top speed 168 miles per hour

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