After Trump supporters violently protested in the U.S. Capitol, Donald Trump faced considerable opposition. Since the November presidential election, Trump’s social media messages have been inciting the incident, which disrupted the debate at the Electoral College and resulted in the death of five people. As a result, Trump’s social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat have been deleted, the right-leaning social media app Parler has been deactivated from Google Play, and the pro-Trump subreddit’r/DonaldTrump’ has been taken to Reddit prevent.

After protests by supporters on Capitol Hill, Donald Trump’s digital image has been greatly reduced. On January 7, during the debate at the Electoral Institute, a large number of Trump supporters rushed into the building and entered the Senate to the election results. The protest was blamed on Trump’s tweets and posts on various social media platforms, and he claimed that the November 3 election was manipulated and stolen from him. He also urged his supporters to set foot on the Capitol.

After the violence in the U.S. Capitol, Trump’s social media handles on Facebook and Instagram were indefinitely banned for inciting violence against the elected government. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement announcing the ban on Trump’s account and said: “The shocking events of the past 24 hours clearly show that President Donald Trump intends to use his The rest of the time broke the peace and the legal power was transferred to his elected successor, Biden.”

Twitter subsequently shared a blog post in which it announced that the @realDonaldTrump account had been permanently suspended, “due to the risk of further incitement to violence.” Trump still has access to the president’s @POTUS and @WhiteHouse accounts. However, a new report from The states that his tweets in these accounts have been deleted.this is confirmed It was posted on Twitter by BuzzFeed Executive Editor Mat Honan.Not only that, but also the Twitter account of Gary Coby, the digital director of Trump’s 2020 campaign. time out.

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For fear of his dangerous remarks, Snapchat also shut Trump from the photo-sharing platform. During the siege of Capitol Hill, Trump posted a video on social media in which he repeated false claims about election fraud and told the mob “We love you” and continued to demand them go home. YouTube challenged the election results based on a policy prohibition statement and deleted the video.

After Donald Trump supporters urged Twitter users to join the platform, Parler became an app that favored right-leaning social media users. The app was suspended from Google Play for allegedly inciting violent posts. Apple gives the application 24 hours to remove all objectionable content and submit a detailed review plan.

In addition, r/DonaltTrump (a subdirectory on the popular social media platform Reddit) is also an unofficial Pro-Trump forum and has also been banned because Point out Posted on Twitter by Axios reporter Sara Fischer.

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