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+ Hotstar has begun to roll out support for 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolution and HDR (High Dynamic Range) video, and a handful of + original works-including the “ Wars” series “The Mandalorian” And “William Dafoe” etc. Starr Togo — 4K and/or HDR are now available. As shown in the image above, look for the “4K UHD” and “HDR” icons below the title description to find 4K HDR content on Disney + Hotstar. Gadget 360 4K HDR support on Android TV and Apple TV, and we have contacted Disney + Hotstar to inquire about whether 4K HDR is available on Fire TV and other smart TVs, and whether HDR is available on Android and iOS .

4K has been tested internally on Disney+Hotstar for several months, and the official Twitter process expressed the same view on user inquiries. It is not clear whether HDR is also included. Either way, Disney + Hotstar has now extended 4K HDR beta to the wild. According to our tests, for the geeks among them, the only supported HDR format at the time of writing is HDR10. In other words, Disney + Hotstar will also support Dolby Vision, and Dolby President and Kevin Yeaman (Kevin Yeaman) said the same in the company’s quarterly earnings call earlier this week.

4K-only Mandalorian on the Disney + Hotstar Apple TV app
Image credit: Harpreet Singh / TechnologyShout

In addition, considering that not all Disney + original versions can provide upgraded resolution and dynamic range, the launch of Disney + Hotstar’s 4K HDR will be slow. and Togo Currently available in 4K and HDR versions, Mandalorian currently only displays 4K. In terms of value, the slow rollout is consistent with past practices, including the Disney + Hotstar app and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The list of 4K HDR titles is expected to grow over time, as will surround sound. Since its first in April, support for surround sound has grown to hundreds of Disney+ titles and Android TV.

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With the advent of 4K HDR, Disney + Hotstar continues to work hard to improve technical capabilities and keep pace with the times. But the problem is that it is still very limited. Surround sound support has not yet expanded beyond Disney+ original products, and you can be sure that the same is true for 4K HDR support. More importantly, Disney + Hotstar has not yet expanded surround sound support beyond TV, which is frustrating because like Netflix also provide surround sound on computers. Netflix also provides HDR on mobile phones and computers, and hope that Disney + Hotstar will also work hard to do this.

For now, this is a good start. Now, maybe Disney + Hotstar can support 60fps for sports.

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