If anything, the producer rarely becomes part of completely rebuilding one of his favorite gaming experiences of all time … However, we have … fifteen years!

Timeless theme and extraordinary humor Destroy everyone! It really makes it an ancient story. This game was presented in the United States through the extremely violent and witty alien footage of the 1950s. The alien is equipped with a completely superb weapon to perform human DNA extraction tasks. Now it feels more fresh and interesting on Xbox One!

Destroy everyone!

Know encryption!

We put aside the hilarious side of the story and VO, we cooperated with Black Forest Games and completely rebuilt Destroy everyone! Game experience. We have modernized the gameplay and essentially enhanced all the content in the game, including the addition of all new content, such as the anticipated "Lost Mission".

Franchise fans can expect faster and faster controls, including the ability to use multiple functions at the same time. From anal probes and abduction rays to psychomotor sickness and Tesla Starschi, Crypto's legendary arsenal is there! Of course, players will use Crypto's flying saucer to fly to the sky.

Destroy everyone!

We know that when remaking records for classic movies, expectations are high, but as super fans, our expectations are even higher. In addition to major graphics improvements, players will immediately notice brand new, redesigned tutorials and cut scenes created using the best motion capture technology. We even injected more varieties into the new NPC, bringing more new life to the game world.

Fans and gamers' reactions for a long time Destroy everyone! E3, gamescom, PAX and other programs have great franchise rights! All players have to choose almost one. small. step. On humans. As we prepare for the global launch on July 28 this summer! Book your copy now on the Microsoft Store!

Destroy everyone!

Oh, case you want to know what kind of pre-ordered skin I will wear this summer …

Xbox Live

Destroy everyone! pre order

Pre-order to destroy all humans! Now you can get the early access 48 hours before the release and get a special skin pack for free!
Dress up Crypto as the king of rock music, evil clowns and more! The invasion is in progress!

By Rebecca French

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