BMW M4 Front End Leak

Following a brand new debut 2021 BMW 4 Series Just a few days ago, a forum member BimmerPost Published leaked images that seem to have been updated M4, But it has not been confirmed. The photo only shows the end, but it is easy to see the unique components of high-performance models, such as different bumpers, hoods, and other typical changes. BMW M car.

The car retains a large number of large double and double kidney grilles, and the grille bars that purists may not want to see are horizontal. Around the grille, the side air intake gap of the front bumper is large, and it slopes downward and outward instead of downward and inward like the M440i. Compared with the current model, the bumper is very similar to the bumper on the body. BMW M2. The headlights look the same as those on the M440i and have a hexagonal shape.

Further changes include a sporty hood design, two dents aligned with the grille opening, and as seen in other leaked images previously, the rear view mirror cover and wheels appear to be blackened. The black front bumper lip and side skirts add a sense of movement, and the body looks wider than the M430i and M440i.

In addition, there is little information, but it is fair to say that this car will have a more powerful engine than the M440i’s 382-horsepower 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine. It might get X3 M and X4 M twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine with up to 503 horsepower. The upcoming M4 Manual transmission will be provided,May be with Less power than the automatic version, And all- . It may provide a coup√© and convertible version.

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