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Detroit Airport recently added a futuristic information that displays personalized information about its flight to passengers. The “parallel reality” board, currently in beta, was developed by Misapplied Sciences in partnership with Delta Air Lines.

According to a release from the airline, the screen can accommodate up to 100 people and is able to provide each person with a unique and personalized experience, even if they are standing next to dozens of other spectators.

On the screen, passengers can see their gate number, departure time, and even walk directions and how long it will take to get there. However, they can experience the mind-bending technology only if they choose to view the screen at a “parallel reality experience” kiosk.

“The parallel reality experience means customers will no longer have to search for flight and gate information,” said Ranjan Goswami, senior vice president at Delta Air Lines’ Atlanta headquarters.

as pointed out technology crisis, Parallel Reality displays work because each pixel in the display can cast millions of rays of light in different directions at the same time. As travelers scan their boarding passes and opt-in to the experience, the system’s sensors track them and show them the correct information for their eyes. The new monitor is 6.5 feet high and 21.5 feet wide.

“The thing about Parallel Reality is that you can create an entire venue that is custom-made just for you,” Misapplied CEO Albert Ng explained in an interview with the media.

It’s worth noting that people who skip the parallel reality screen will only see a nondescript panel. Their personal information will not be displayed, nor will they be able to see other people’s information. Currently, the screen is only at the Detroit airport.

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