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New Delhi: action plan Indian government to propose Delhi's 2020-21 budget after Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Holi Manish Sisodia The day after he was sworn in Monday, he held several meetings to start budget work, he said. This year, Holi is March 10.

Sisodia, who chaired a meeting Monday at a meeting with the finance department, discussed issues related to the Aam Aadmi party's public opinion commitments on the eve of the recent parliamentary elections and asked officials to Make these provisions. budget.

The Deputy Chief Minister held another meeting with officials from the Trade and Tax Department, directing him to take steps to prevent tax evasion.

"The previous budget started in December, but we can't do it because of the Delhi parliamentary elections. In the next 20-25 days, we will hard to prepare a budget and propose it after the Holi festival," he said. reporter.

Sisodia, who has educational assets in the newly elected AAP government, met with department officials and asked them to prepare a blueprint for a that would ensure that these students get 60% of their grades in class 12. College.

In addition to finance and education, he also leads the Department of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Languages, alertness and service.

Monday is the first working day of the new AAP government, established after the oath ceremony of cabinet ministers, including the chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, Sunday.

Last year, the Delhi government, led by AAP, proposed a budget of Rs 60 crore.

In the previous budget, the former AAP government has allocated Rs 150 crore to the education sector.

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Various initiatives announced in the 2019-2020 budget include the distribution of entrepreneurship programs, the introduction of family business courses, the establishment of teacher training universities and universities of applied sciences.