5G theories debunked The fear of the next gen wireless technology

There has always been a fairly simple but compelling quote: “When you hear a hoof beating, you think about horses, not zebras.” You may have heard that it repeats in one way or another, but in essence Speaking of it is a very simple method, which means you should always look for the simplest solution, because it is likely to be the correct solution. Like Occam’s Razor, it urges you to always keep the idea as simple and logical as possible. However, for conspiracy theories, you can put Occam’s razor in dirty gloves and throw it out the window, because conspiracy theorists will choose when to propose or spread the most complex and complex . Reptiles, JFK International Airport, Flatland, MK ULTRA, U.S. Government Alien, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, D.B. Cooper, vaccines, chips, global warming, the Nazi moon base, HAARP, Avril Lavigne (Avril Lavigne) twins twins, almost anyone has a conspiracy theory. By 2020, the turbulent years have spawned another far-fetched conspiracy theory, making the dark and the mad confrontational. If you miss it, the hottest new conspiracy in 2020 will revolve around 5G, the vaccine and Bill Gates, the former richest man himself. Paranoia, conformity, critical facts that fit the conspiracy agenda, and constant disregard of official scientific data have successfully pushed anti-5G psychosis to new heights.

5G / COVID-19 conspiracy to explain

So, what is this conspiracy theory?

According to blind conspiracy theorists, the EMF radiation caused by the newly deployed 5G cell tower is causing various harms to the human body, and large-scale cellular technology will become the ultimate doom for humans, but that is only half of the equation. Talking about bad timing, but conspiracy theorists swear that 5G seems to be directly related to the global spread of COVID-19, and the international blockade is the forefront of deep country deployment of 5G infrastructure globally without any public restrictions. Why do deep countries do this? simple! The coronavirus vaccine secretly developed by Bill Gates appears to contain nanoparticles and chips, thanks to the vaccine he developed, which will allow him to control the world. If this is not enough, think 5G radiation is enough to blow up your brain.

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Yes, my head is already spinning.

Theory # 1

5G spread coronavirus

No. Zero scientific evidence suggests that electromagnetic fields, radio or cellular signals contribute to the spread of the microscopic SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes pandemics.

Now, conspiracy theorists have quickly pointed out that the death and spread of coronaviruses are consistent with the large-scale deployment of 5G infrastructure. Well, of course-it makes sense that coronaviruses will affect areas with higher population densities; at the same time, the same high-density areas will be logically prioritized to build 5G infrastructure. No need to go deep to infect and kill people by flipping the switch of the cell phone’s signal tower. It’s that simple.

Theory 2

The COVID-19 pandemic is used as a cover for “secret” building 5G infrastructure

Okay, okay, okay, if it were n’t for Big and Big Pharma to join forces again, let us all use their nanoparticles to infect the coronavirus vaccine and make everyone brainless! Of course, the stimulus between the deployment of 5G infrastructure and the COVID-19 pandemic is just a coincidence. period.

Theory III

5G will blow up our brains and bring us cancer

No, it won’t. Not only because FDA says so, But because it is supported by official science.

All wireless communication is through non-ionizing radiation, which has little energy to vibrate atoms. On the other , ionizing radiation has enough energy not only to vibrate atoms and molecules, but also to ionize them, which may cause undesirable changes in the structure of DNA and eventually cancer. What are some examples of ionizing radiation? X-rays, gamma rays and ultraviolet radiation, just like our sun shines.

The scientific consensus on iodine-free radiation including 5G is that it is safe. In the long run, even microwaves may physically heat you during exposure, but in the long run, it is harmless to the human body, because our skin acts as a barrier and does not allow them to stimulate the cells. Water and boil us from the inside. So why do you think of it as the wireless decisive battle that will be the end of mankind? Blame the Russians. Almost all 5G conspiracy theories can be traced back to Billy P. Curry and propaganda promoted by the Russian RT TV network (owned and approved by the Russian government).

Bill P. Curry’s research, “Microwave Absorption in Brain Tissue (Gray Matter)”, Survey absorption rate Microwave radiation from human brain tissue. The result is interesting-the higher the radiation frequency, the higher the absorption rate of gray matter. However, Curry made a fatal flaw. Can you spot it? Yes yes yes “organization” Not “The whole person’s head” Curry does not consider the shielding effect of human skulls and skills, both of which prevent the high frequency radiation from harming our own gray matter. The skin is a barrier that can completely reduce radiation and protect internal organs and tissues from any harmful effects. If you plan to go out without a skull and skin, then you may be really in danger.

On the other hand, 5G has been classified as “May cause cancer”, Or 2B of IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer). Did you know that IARC also categorizes other categories as “potential carcinogens”? Pickled vegetables and ginkgo leaves.

What about the Russian connection? The Kremlin ’s own pet TV is definitely intended to arouse popular opposition in the field of emerging wireless technology, most certainly in disrupting the global promotion of 5G wireless infrastructure, all because Russia is far behind in this respect.

“This is an economic war,” Ryan Fox, COO of New Knowledge, a technology company that tracks false information Tell the New York Times. “Russia does not perform well on 5G, so it tries Destroy and discredit our reputation. “

Until the 1990s, Russia and the Soviet Union had a very extensive history. They propagated to Western rivals, mainly the United States. Many of the KGB ’s secret publicity activities were carried out by Vasili Mitrokhin, a former head of the KGB who defected to the United Kingdom. Some of them include But it is not limited to disseminating the idea of ​​the United States making HIV / AIDS in the laboratory, wrong conspiracy theories about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, inciting racial tensions involving the Kukluuk family, and so on. The main purpose of these measures is to make the United States infamous globally and isolate the United States by instilling an anti-American consciousness. Russia is actually the heir to the Soviet Union, by declaring “5G will blow your brain“?absolute.
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Theory 4

5G kills birds

No, 5G will not kill birds. This conspiracy theory has no scientific basis. Just like Joe Kirschvink, a biophysicist at the California Institute of Technology Said, “It is not known that radio waves from radio transmission antennas (including cell phone towers) above 10 MHz can harm birds.” Most of the observed large numbers of bird deaths can be traced back to natural causes. For example, a large bird that died in Rome, Italy, just at the beginning of the spread of coronavirus in Europe, was picked up by anti-5G people and used as an example of the effects of radiation on animals. For lovers of conspiracy, sadly The storm made a tree fallThere are a lot of birds nesting on it, which makes them unfortunately perish. Case closed.

So why are people afraid of 5G?

It’s simple-people are often afraid of things they don’t understand. Given the novelty of 5G, these concerns are completely normal and confirmed, but as time passes, everything will subside and 5G will be considered as safe as its predecessors. Do n’t forget that conspiracy theories about wireless technology have existed since the first of wireless technology and Wi-Fi, and GPS.

And, if you are worried about the government or Bill Gates (Bill Gates) will damage your body, please rest assured that no one but us will do so. After all, because we have a phone in our pocket, we have all been “cut off”. We hard.