2077 has received its first “major” fix in the form of patch 1.1. Game developer CD Red shared the change log of the patch on the official website and stated that it has been used on PCs, game consoles and Stadia. It focuses on stability improvements, some visual , task fixes, etc. There are also some -specific changes and PC-specific changes. Last week, the co-founder of CD Projekt Marcin Iwinski an apology video in which he promised to release an important patch within 10 days, and it looks like the developer has delivered it.

Patch 1.1 of Cyberpunk 2077 brings some stability improvements, open world and mission fixes, UI changes, visual fixes, and more improvements for all platforms including PC, console and Stadia. CD Projekt Red has improved the memory usage in various systems and fixed various crashes. In terms of mission and open world game repairs, the Epistrophy side mission error faced by players has been resolved. Other tasks, such as pyramid song, atomic poetry, space peculiarities, etc., have also been solved.

Regarding the visual repair of Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.1, the pink hue that appears on certain particles when viewed at close range has been fixed. The car produced in the reported crime is incorrect: Welcome to the “Night City” achievement. It is said to have saved huge savings, insensitive weapon wheels and other errors.

In terms of PlayStation-specific changes for Cyberpunk 2077, the performance of PS4 and PS5 has been , and PS4 has undergone a crash fix. users can expect improvements in memory usage in all aspects of the game. For PC users, Steam achievements can be obtained in offline mode. The startup crash has also been fixed. On Stadia, the problem of texture damage on several melee weapons has been fixed, the default dead zone setting has become more sensitive, and other fixes have been made.

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The Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.1 on PC ranges from 5.4GB to 6.7GB. On the console, its size is 17GB. According to the developer’s announcement last week, Patch 1.2 will be released in the next few weeks, which will further improve the game on all platforms. CD Projekt Red stated that it will continue to fix errors encountered by players and listen to feedback in order to improve the overall gaming experience.

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