, a popular meme-culture based Ethereum non-fungible token (NFT) collection created by cartoonist KC Green in 2006, has skyrocketed on ’s list of notable NFT collections. At the of writing, the collected transaction volume has grown by 769% to 907 ETH (~Rs 1.289 lakh), putting Dickbutts at the top of the ranking of the day, surpassing established projects such as NFTiff, CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Club ( BAYC).

In 2021, Dickbutts released a collection of 161 on Ethereum, later named the OG Collection. This was followed by the launch of 5,200 NFTs under Series 3 in August 2021.

Originally created much like his meme, jokingly, it quickly turned into an NFT worth holding; especially among CryptoPunk holders.

The cheapest CryptoDickbutt in Series 3 is currently priced at 3.99 ETH or just over Rs. 560,000 at the time of writing. This is the highest reserve for Dickbutts.

According to NFT Price Floor, it’s just the floor price for NFT project No. 26. But the steady rise of CryptoDickbutts reflects the underlying enthusiasm and continued demand for the supportive community, in part due to the meme culture. While some NFT projects faded out of the limelight quickly after they started popularity, CryptoDickbutts have proven to be resilient in terms of .

The project has no fixed roadmap and is managed by the CryptoDickbutt DAO, which includes well-known names such as Steve Aoki, Blondish, and ProbCause.

While it’s unclear what caused the sudden surge, it’s believed that Meltem DemirorsWith over 250,000 followers, it may have been the catalyst for CryptoDickbutt’s sudden surge after hosting “urgent” Twitter Spaces to talk about “prophecies and epic explosions.”

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