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George Kurtz, co-founder and CEO of Crowdstrike Inc., speaks at the Montgomery Summit in Santa Monica, California.

Patrick T. Fallon | Bloomberg | Getty Images

virus outbreaks provide new ways for hackers to plunder vulnerable victims, Crowd strikes CEO George Kurtz told CNBC Jim Kramer Friday.

"We have seen the use of -19 and the malware associated with the malware in these emails have indeed increased in phishing campaigns," Kurtz said in "I'm crazy about money"Interview." When there is chaos and this fear is on the street, opponents often take the hardest hit. "

COVID-19 is a deadly disease caused by a rapidly spreading coronavirus.

A CNBC survey found that as workplaces across the country were closed and more employees worked remotely during the , More than a third of executives see a surge in cyber threats Their system. The survey included technology leaders from large companies, as well as governments and non-profit organizations.

An organization is said to have increased phishing by 40%. Phishing scams are usually conducted via email, and online criminals try to access sensitive information, such as logins and credit card details, by disguising themselves as trusted people.

"It's time for people to worry about their families [and] they're not in the office … [they] are going on strike when there is confusion and fear," Kurtz said. "As these remote users and use their stacks [ [Whether it's Zoom or Slack], they will need protection like Crowdstrike, and we're with them. "

Kurtz added that as communities, governments, and businesses adapt to the new world disrupted by the virus pandemic, Crowdstrike has reduced the surge in costs as customers rely heavily on remote work services.

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"After the crisis, we will address it," he said. "We see ourselves as partners, not just sellers."

The review comes a day after Crowdstrike, a cybersecurity company that provides threat intelligence and cyber attack response services, announced the highest and lowest of its January quarter results. Total revenue increased 89% year-on-year to $ 152 , of which subscription revenue increased 99% to $ 436 .

FactSet data showed a quarterly loss of 2 cents per share, higher than the 8 cents Wall Street analysts expected.

Cybersecurity is a basic requirement in the hierarchy What the company needs. "It's like a sanctuary. When you have a cloud-based platform like ours, we are solving big problems, stopping vulnerabilities, and consolidating expenses and costs," Kutz said.

In addition, Broadcom's $ 10.7 acquisition of Symantec is good for Crowdstrike, Kurtz added. Crowdstrike believes it helps expand its customer base.

"We see a lot of [Symantec] installation bases looking to us for cloud platforms, next-generation products powered by AI, and the ability to block vulnerabilities that have never been seen before."

In Friday trading, Crowdstrike's stock rose 17% to $ 49.01.