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Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk tweeted that children had "essential immunity" to the coronavirus, did not violate Twitter regulations.

This week, Twitter promised to eliminate misinformation and tweets about scientific facts about the virus.

It even cites claims about child immunity as an example of eliminating misinformation.

However, even if children can and spread the virus, it means that they have not violated its rules when reading in context.

The World Health Organization [WHO] has issued special guidance on caring for children infected with the virus.

during a Q & A session with Twitter fans on Thursday, Musk, who co-founded PayPal with others before starting carmaker Tesla, wrote on Twitter: "Children are basically immune, But conditionally older people are vulnerable. "

He then linked to a graphic showing no child deaths in Italy until March 15th-although the graphic did not show information about non-fatal infections.

Musk had previously stated that "the coronavirus panic is stupid", and he has 32 million followers on Twitter.

He is influential in business and technology, and recently founded the rocket ship company SpaceX.

A few days before the tweet, Twitter has promised "expanding our definition of harm" to include Content that runs directly against public health information.

One of the measures is "to deny established scientific facts about incubation or transmission guidance global and local health authorities, such as & # 39; COVID-19 will not infect children, because we don't see what happens to children & # 39; .

Twitter said Mr. Musk's tweets did not violate the rules in the context of conversations and other tweets.

How does coronavirus affect children?

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states, "Although some children and infants tend to show milder symptoms, some of them have Covid-19.

However, this is not the in all cases.

WHO guidelines include detailed methods for treating complications of childhood illnesses.

For example, a Study Published in Medical Journal of Pediatrics Studies show that 6% of China's 2,100 children are "serious or severe."

Global pictures of how the virus affects children are still emerging.

Mr. Musk is not the first to downplay the severity of a coronavirus outbreak.

BuzzFeed News reports him Tell his employees at SpaceX The disease "is not within the top 100 health risks."

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