New Delhi: The on Saturday asked and federal territories to use disaster response funds (SDRF), Rs 29 crore has been allocated for the next year to provide food and shelter for immigrants worker Struck by a 21-day lockup.

The co-secretary of the interior ministry, Punya Salila Srivastava, said the central government also requested status He and UT established camps and conducted health checks for migrant workers who fled the city.

Srivastava said the Ministry of the Interior has asked the state government and UT departments to use funds to provide food and temporary shelter for workers in the unorganized sector affected by the blockade.

"According to the SDRF, regardless of how much funding this year, the state ’s funding under the SDRF next year will be 29 billion rupees. Therefore, the states under the SDRF have sufficient funding. We hope that with this funding, states and UT will be able to help migrant workers. She said at a press conference here.

Srivastava says Union Minister of Home Affairs Ajay Bhalla Another letter was written on Saturday asking them to set up camps for migrant workers and provide them with food and shelter.

She said the states and Utah are also required to provide information on free food and accommodation to migrant workers through public broadcasting systems, volunteers and communication methods.

In a letter to the chief secretary Friday, the Home Secretary also highlighted the difficult issues faced by workers in the unorganized sector. DGPs in the states were told the same.

"The Ministry of the Interior has been in discussions with the states and Utah on the issue of migrant workers," she said. She also added that steps should be taken to make information on these facilities available to migrants.

With regard to the availability of basic commodities the blockade, the Joint Secretary stated that the Ministry of the Interior, together with the states and the Unified Trade Organization, had been monitoring the movement of basic commodities and the implementation of the blockade.

When asked about rising prices in some parts of the country, she said states and the United Trade Organization were monitoring the situation and taking action where such incidents were known.

"The Ministry of the Interior has allowed cargo to be transported, so no such incidents will occur," she said.

Regarding some immigrants' difficulties in paying rents to homeowners, Srivastava said that this is a very important issue and the central government has always insisted that migrant workers should stay wherever they are.

"The government has also issued instructions to communicate it to employers. State governments are aware of the problem and have taken action," she said.

Asked about the possibility of migrant workers carrying the disease, Srivastava said that the Minister of Home Affairs specifically addressed the provision of accommodation and health checks for migrant workers in order to get regular information on their health.

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