Coronavirus cases in India: Coronavirus cases in India rose to 1,071 with 29 deaths

quantity coronavirus The latest figures from the Ministry of Health show that the number of AIDS in has increased to 1,071. As many as 100 patients recovered, while 29 patients died of the disease.

Today's data shows that Kerala has the highest number of confirmed cases at 194. Maharashtra is close behind at 193.

Karnataka has 80 cases, Uttar Pradesh 75, Telangana 69, Gujarat 58 and Delhi 53. Other worst affected states include Rajasthan (57), Tamil Nadu (50) and Haryana (33).

The has reported the highest number of in Maharashtra, with eight, and Gujarat with five.

At the same time, the total number of cases worldwide is quickly approaching 725,000 marks. To date, approximately 34,000 have died. In India, the number of cases has also risen rapidly over the past week, breaking the threshold because of concerns that the true total may be even higher.

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