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Like most others, across the country are struggling Bleach cleaning products and other virus-killing chemicals Help fight a coronavirus pandemic. But, especially in one aspect of family , parents need to before using these powerful cleaners: child .

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Parents who want to clean their child's car seat should follow the car seat manufacturer's instructions, such as using mild detergents and water. These harsher cleaning products can damage car seats, which may protect children from collisions.

Britax Director Sarah Tilton said: "There are too many cleaners out there, so it is impossible for any car seat manufacturer to test the composition of each chemical or detergent to understand its response or impact on any of the components [of the car seat] . "Advocating consumers.

Tilton warned: "We don't recommend cleaning your car seats with other methods provided by car seat manufacturers."

Dishwashing soap or even baby soap is best for cleaning certain parts of a car seat, but the first thing to do before rolling up your sleeves is to read the user manual for the car seat. If you can't find it, there is always a version published online through the car seat manufacturer's website.

If you are cleaning your child's car seat, you must also handle the interior of the car. After consultation CDC Guidelines On how to protect children from COVID-19, Tilton suggests the following Cleaning car seat [Any child safety seat, not just Britax]: Photo

Cleaning the car seat base

Clean the plastic base of your car seat with the warmest water and mild soap you can tolerate. Be sure to rinse the soap with water. Dry the stand with a towel or, if the weather is warm, let the car seat dry in the sun.

Cleaning car seat fabric

This is a bit tricky. Many parents will want to throw the fabric cover of a car seat into a washing machine, but this may affect the flame retardant of the fabric. Check your user manual for advice on how to clean the fabric seat cover. Some will allow machine washing at specific temperature settings, but others may only recommend hand washing. Make sure to also check for drying recommendations.

Cleaning car seat belts and safety belts

Again, follow the car seat manufacturer ’s instructions, but Tilton says make sure Do not Clean the seat belt webbing in a washing machine and do not iron or bleach.

Tilton said it is important to use a cleaning product that does not lubricate the buckle when cleaning it.

"Everything with the lowest oil content [a lubricant-based compound] can affect the performance of the buckle," she said.

For parents who have machine-washed seat belts or may have otherwise damaged the seat belt, Tilton recommends contacting the car seat manufacturer to purchase a new seat belt. If you've machine washed your car seat cover when it shouldn't be used, she says contact the manufacturer to let them know about your mistake. They will tell you if you can buy replacement parts or if you need to buy a new car seat.

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Fit to finish

After cleaning the car seat and car interior, it's time to make sure that the car seat can still accommodate your child's height and weight, and carefully check whether the seat belt is suitable.

After reinstalling your child's car seat, check the installation carefully. If you're not sure if you did it right, Britax will provide One-to-one virtual car seat consultation once again any Car seat brands, not just Britax.

Tilton said that "no one is checking the seats" to the coronavirus pandemic. Installation can be tricky for parents, especially new parents, and who is willing to help a little while ensuring that your child is as safe as possible in the car?'s editorial department is your source for car news and reviews. In accordance with's long-standing ethics policy, editors and reviewers do not accept gifts or free travel from car manufacturers. The editorial department is separate from's advertising, sales, and sponsored content department.

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