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of a Vermont are protesting the company's upcoming to Comcast.

For sale Vermont Southern Cable Corporation [SVCC]The Vermont Public Utilities Commission is reviewing the company, which has about 2,450 subscribers and operates 123 miles of cable. Commission received 25 public comments, All of them are opposed to the deal, or they are concerned about the customer ’s disadvantage if proper consumer protection is not taken.

Ernest Scialabba, owner and president of Southern Vermont Cable, founded SVCC in 1988. He is selling the company and plans to retire after working in the cable industry for more than 40 years. Comcast already provides services in neighboring areas.

"I believe organizations like Comcast will provide premium customer service to SVCC subscribers and will continue to invest in SVCC's systems," Scialabba said in an interview. witness. He noted that "continuous capital investment" was necessary and said that the sale to Comcast would increase the technical, operational and financial resources to support the system.

What customers are saying

While it may seem inevitable to sell the company, customers who commented prefer buyers other than Comcast. Here is a sample of reviews from nine Vermont states:

  • I only admire the people of SVCable, but disdain Comcast. As a computer repair professional for 20 years, I have had many contacts with Comcast / Xfinity and almost everything is bad. I would rather not have internet service than give Comcast a penny.
  • SVCC provides first-class service! They can repair quickly and provide products at affordable prices. They really care about and appreciate their customers. I've used Comcast in the past and it's expensive, their call centers are not local, they're not friendly, and the company's focus is on making money. This is a monopoly. Comcast does not apply to Vermont. If Comcast takes over SVCC, we can all say goodbye to the individuals, hard-working people, companies, and services we are all used to!
  • Comcast's well-known poor customer service is unpopular in our region. Comcast has yet to prove that they can handle many common weather-related downtime. Obviously, Comcast-sized companies will not respond to our service needs in Putney. A short search on the Internet shows how bad Comcast's business practices and customer service are. Also, what about our service costs? Comcast and Xfinity are known for driving up prices!
  • As a longtime customer of Southern Vermont Cable, I like the quality of service I receive. I can stream anything I like, the internet speed is very good and the price is affordable. The company could sell itself to Comcast, known in the United States for its high prices and poor service, and I was shocked. Comcast is a large company that does not consider customer service. Fighting them can become -time. Please do not allow this sale.
  • Our experience with Comcast is negative, and if they assume the services of SVC, we will immediately seek alternative services.
  • I am concerned about this proposed merger that Comcast will not provide customers with any type of service and cost.
  • We are SVCC customers and want to express our Totally opposed Comcast bought this company. Telecommunications giants such as AT & T and Comcast already enjoy a monopoly on Internet access. They have plagued countless companies and are positioning themselves to dominate the media that flows through these connections. Keep our regional companies independent and strong!
  • If all this is achieved, we will be one step away from connecting with a family-run local company [usually the company's president [or his brother] often calls for service calls] and a large international company, which will contact us Pay as much as possible. And respect the bugs under the shoes.
  • As a resident of Dummerston and a user of Southern Vermont Cable, I object to the sale of SVC to Comcast. Comcast has no competition, and for most people it seems predatory and unaffordable. In addition to Comcast, Vermont people in the area need wired, internet, and telephone options.

"The Safest Choice"

SVCC Provide services Located in Putney, Dummerston, Newfane, Williamsville, Townshend, Jamaica and Rawsonville. SVCC has four employees, according to one VTDigger article yesterday.

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Scialabba told VTDigger that selling to Comcast was "the safest option."

"A lot of small start-ups are looking to buy, but many start-ups want to go in and out of the market and make money fast." Disappear. Comcast is the safest choice because it is everywhere. "

SVCC and Comcast urge Commission to approve changes Joint petition. Daniel Granville, Vice President of Comcast Regional Government Affairs Tell the committee "Comcast will provide higher reliability and network capacity for current SVCC customers." He continued:

Comcast plans to integrate SVCC systems into Comcast's fiber backbone to provide redundancy and reliability. Comcast's fiber optic network is closely monitored and maintained by regional, regional and department personnel. 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day will support fiber recovery, factory maintenance and front-end operations. By integrating the SVCC system into Comcast's routing diversification and redundant fiber optic networks, SVCC users will enjoy a more reliable and larger network.

State lawmakers are urging the state commission to impose conditions on the deal. VTDigger wrote:

The Utilities Commission is to rule on the proposed sales by spring. Putney State Rep. Michael Mrowicki asked for approval to be linked to a "high service standard," which has clear benchmarks and continues to expand to areas not covered.

Mrowicki said: "The reality is that Ernie exits the business and has no other choice."