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Code: Implementing the Rebirth Guardian Is a Otome visual novel originally released for PlayStation Vita in 2015. You will play the role of Cardia, a mysterious young lady with severe amnesia. She has been shut out of the world and is in a strange place. Living in her abandoned mansion at the request of her elusive father. He told her that she must never go out and never let her fall in love.

What made her even more distressed was that Caldia's body was infected with some deadly poison that melted anything she happened to encounter, and her chest was inlaid with a strange set of gems to keep her alive. We the story, just as the Royal Guards stormed into her residence to arrest her on behalf of the locals who heard about a terrible and dangerous monster living among them.

Of course, as an Otome novel, shortly after, a handsome young guy suddenly poured in and rescued our heroine from the enemy's clutches. In this case, the responsible and arrogant thief should be responsible Arsene Lupin, who stole Cardia away from the dramatic smoke and sparkling scam she might become a captor.

Arsene is the first of five potential suitors you will encounter in the Code: the Guardian of Rebirth, each of whom is loosely proposed based on 18th-century literary figures. You will have the rebellious alchemist Victor Frankenstein, the ruthless bounty hunter Abraham Van Helsing, the lucky engineer Impey Barbicane and the gentleman aristocracy Count Saint-Germain . They are a bunch of well-written and flattering ones, and most of the time, each has a fascinating backstory and many hidden motives-although we do think Impey is sometimes a domineering pest.

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Throughout the story, you will have many opportunities to show love or disdain to all who are eager to win your inner feelings, and depending on your choice, you will start different adventures along various routes, epic The scenes and situations to get yourself into chaos.

However, if you have a chance to choose how to interact with a potential suitor, you may make the wrong choice, which will lead to a bad ending for you, in which case the game is over. In fact, the first time we experienced a bad ending was only about five minutes into the game, and there are many places to fall in the process, so it is best to pause for a moment and then rashly decline politeness-we also recommend that you make sure Save often.

Once the game begins, Cardia will find herself in a flashy steampunk version of London in 1853, most of the lawsuits are filed, as her new friends slowly reveal their feelings and various agendas, while slowly She had forgotten the past. Needless to say, we don't need to destroy the ins and outs of adventure, but during a fairly long process, there will be a lot of delightful fun, including some interesting scenarios and some appropriate shocks.

If we have to choose something that annoys us a bit, it is that you cannot choose lupin as a romantic object. He is certainly one of the more interesting protagonists, so you might expect you to look directly at him, but unfortunately you need to traverse all other characters and their respective romantic scenes first. Allows to reach the "real ending" of the game with sexy boy Arsene. This is a very time consuming prospect, it will take you 15 to 20 hours, but it can help refresh new restarts by automatically skipping text and visionary games with included paths. Select the "Genesis" option, which allows you to skip the first eight chapters and go directly to the next romantic story line.

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In fact, there are many good QoL options when you play the game, including the ability to rewind to previous scenes, a drop-down glossary explaining terms, and some background on featured characters and fully scrollable dialogue text History so you can jump back slightly if you lose focus in a more boring chapter.

Not that there are indeed a lot of boring chapters here, because once the setup is firmly established, when starting to pair with each of the five suitors, they take a variety of different routes and discover that Cardia is involved in many fascinating Scene, enough vibrations and twists make things interesting. In fact, as far as writing is concerned, the tempo of each chapter is good, and-you can think of it as a separate part of the game in a handheld device-they all have a very satisfying arc of the story, always with a little Ending cliffs.

Graphically, Code: Implementing the Guardian of Rebirth is great for long-toothed games. But don't expect too much of flashy animations here; these are very stiff things, and only occasional prosperity can move a point or facial expression further. The music is solid enough, but there is nothing really to remember here, nor is there anything you ask Alexa to play the soundtrack of the game. We should also note that there is no English voice option here, and although some people don't mind this oversight, Japanese dubbing well, which can be offensive in some cases. During the game, we also noticed some typos, but nothing bad will prevent you from understanding what it is.

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As far as this switch port is concerned, as you might expect from a visual novel originally published on Vita, there is absolutely no problem here in either portable or handheld mode.

in conclusion

Code: The Guardian of Rebirth is an excellent visual novel with a unique steampunk background and a bunch of well-written and flattering protagonists. The mystery surrounding Cardia's bizarre situation, and a suitor based on a well-known 18th-century literary figure, is a fascinating combination, even if you really don't want to worry about courting a group of young people, there are many things here for you Keep reading and exploring the various routes and scenarios until you understand everything the feature can offer.