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As your favorite game character, the art of role-playing is currently more popular than ever, but suspect there are many people who can say they play role-playing roles they themselves.

Joe Zieja, voice actor Fire Emblem: Three HousesGolden Deer leader Claude has played his part in his Twitter account, sharing several pictures. Zieja interacts with game fans on social media and embraces the many memes created by fans, so it's not surprising to see him make this [recognizedly excellent] cosplay attempt.

Give credibility to what it deserves. Here are more talented people to achieve this:

In fact, last year when the game was released, actually chatted with that person. If you missed it for the first time, make sure to watch the video below to learn how Joe took the position, have some understanding of the voiceover industry, and learn more about his vocal time, such as Star FoxFox McCloud:

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