In November Beijing Office Meituan ReviewsChinese e-commerce and food distribution companies are buzzing. Workers stooped over and sat down at the computer and held impromptu standing meetings, while the prototype snack robot was like a trash can with a touch screen, carrying canned Coca-Cola between the tables.

Thanks coronavirus At the outbreak, things were very different today. Since the office reopened in February, workers have taken turns to shift to minimize potential risks. Infrared cameras and security check the temperature upon arrival and disinfect the work area three times a day. Workers must wear masks at all times and are required to complete a daily health questionnaire. No more than six people can take the elevator; the on the floor indicates where to stand. Face-to-face meetings are discouraged, and people use cardboard "face masks" for meals alone in the cafeteria to minimize the risk of removing masks.

The rule could be a precursor to other countries' efforts to contain the virus and consider how and when to restart the economy. President Trump may promise to get Americans back to work in weeks instead of months, but China's recovery from the pandemic suggests that it may take months to take extreme measures. Until a vaccine is developed or herd immunity is present, normalization is not feasible.

Three months after Wuhan reported the new coronavirus, China appears to have succeeded in suppressing new infection rates, even allowing official figures to be disguised. In Hubei Province, Wuhan is the hometown of Wuhan. Said On Tuesday it will lift travel restrictions and allow residents outside Wuhan to move freely again. In some places, such as Shenzhen, a manufacturing center in the south, and Hangzhou, a technology hotspot on the east coast, residents say restaurants and shopping centers are being refilled.

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Regulations vary from province to province, but even in cities that have been spared the worst viruses, harsh measures have been taken against workers. These measures include strict workplace rules, rigorous testing, travel restrictions, and comprehensive smartphone tracking.

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"I think these [measures] are important," he said Jeremy LinProfessor at Stanford University, who has been collecting and sharing information about new coronaviruses and Coronavirus disease. He added: "[I] is not optimistic and we can do this in the United States."

The United States has just begun to see Covid-19 peak cases, and hospitals [especially New York] are keeping pace. Although Trump has repeatedly expressed his desire to return to people's work before Easter, the rush to end social isolation may fuel new infections. There is no clear strategy on how to get Americans back to work.

The Chinese government has urged state-owned enterprises to resume operations. In some cases, evidence of industrial activity may be Manipulation to achieve government goals. With China's economy heavily dependent on exports, the US shutdown comes at a critical time. Due to economic uncertainty and concerns, China's domestic demand has also declined.

But there are signs that things are accelerating. Data released by Internet company Baidu last week showed that some users' anonymity showed that more than 90% of restaurants and 85% of shopping centers in Beijing are now back in business. Data from TAC IndexA Hong Kong company tracking the freight industry said that activity in China increased in the week of March due to a sharp drop in activity in Europe.

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Large industrial companies are touting progress. Foxconn is a big manufacturing country. It produces iPhones like many other products and relies on a huge immigrant labor force. Said on Tuesday It has resumed operations enough to meet seasonal demand. In early March, the company's chairman, Young Liu, told investors that the plant had a capacity of 50%.

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But Foxconn has taken some extreme measures to prevent the spread of the disease. The company said that in addition to frequent temperature tests, it has performed more than 50,000 coronavirus tests on workers and 40,000 chest X-rays. A spokesman for the company said that anyone with an elevated temperature would be immediately taken to the hospital and everyone around him would be closely monitored.

Ren Zhengfei, chairman of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, said Wednesday More than 90% of the company's 150,000 employees have returned to work. The company reduced operations by requiring migrant workers not to return to the factory in Shenzhen on February 10 after the Spring Festival holiday. The company is also turning some of its energy into manufacturing medical supplies, including masks. Ren Zhiqiang said the decline in production and the economic slowdown forced the company to lower its financial forecast for this year.