This years global smartphone market decline can only be slowed down by cheap 5G models

Coronavirus pandemic has attacked two independent smartphone manufacturers, this is no longer a big secret Samsung with Huawei with The entire mobile industry is particularly difficult from multiple perspectives.

In layman’s terms, essentially, this means that compared to today (especially at the beginning of this year), people are less likely to spend on buying new gadgets and other non-essential items. Remember, industry experts and market research companies anticipate being late Global smartphone sales surge in 2020 At that time, but this did not happen, the figures for the first quarter fell off the cliff.

Looking ahead, the situation should not be so bad in the next few quarters, but International Data Corporation (IDC) still expects Compared with the same period in 2019, shipments in the first half of this year recorded a sharp decline of 18.2%. Overall, is currently expected that 1.2 billion smartphones will be sold globally in 2020, down 11.9% from last year’s global data.
Compared with similar predictions made before the government began to take the corona threat seriously, these numbers are clearly terrible, but whether you believe or not, IDC’s new predictions are actually much more optimistic. Digitimes latest report Or Gartner.
IDC analysts expect that will be mainly driven by 5G technology, especially the rebound in the first quarter of 2021. Budget-friendly 5G smartphone is now expected that their prices will be “much higher” than those before the pandemic.
Of course, the company best able to “use its changes to position its investment portfolio” may win a larger market share while shrinking its already shrinking profit margins. is impossible to predict which brands will win this fierce battle, but for now, Xiaomi, Samsung, Nokiawith Even TCL looks good for success.
Geographically, you may be surprised to hear that China’s smartphone shipments are only expected to “single-digit decline in 2020”, highlighting China’s rapid recovery after entering the smartphone market The first is by far the worst-hit area in the world. In contrast, Europe’s sales this year may be a double-digit decline from 2019, although in terms of supplier charts, this does not actually change the status quo in the region.

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By Rebecca French

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