The epidemic has shut down concert halls in most parts of the world, but it hasn’t stopped music theater fanatics from using their creativity-of course on TikTok.

After thousands of TikTok creators have released original songs, dances, sets, announcements and puppets on the content sharing app, a crowdsourced musical based on the 2007 Disney-Pixar animated film “Ratuitouille” will now enter Virtual stage.

It all started when New York teacher Emily Jacobsen addressed the film’s alienist Remy, who depicted an impossible route when the mouse became a chef.

The viral core force of her idea developed into a mature performance that grew organically: “Ratuitouille”: The TikTok Musical.

Tony Award-winning drama company Seaview is collaborating with TikTok and TodayTix to broadcast the three-day show online from January 1st, and the proceeds will be used to fund the actors.

Spectators can donate between US$5 (about 400 rupees) and US$50 (about 4,000 rupees) to buy tickets.

“Crazy!” Twitter Jacobson. “ did it: there will be a “commotion” on January 1, 2021!”

It is not clear who will participate in the final work, although it is said that artists with actual Broadway credits will also participate.

It will also be surprising which songs will be the entry point for the finals, but the original “Remy Song” will definitely appear. Other options include “Tango for Colette and Linguini”, “ is our treasure” and “Anyone can” chef’.

Joseph Benincasa, the head of the Actors Foundation, said in a statement: “The love for the performing arts was inspired by Ratatouille in the inspiration of theater lovers around the world.”

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He said the show “will definitely joy to art lovers everywhere this holiday season, and it will also help raise much-needed funds for people in our entertainment and performing arts circles.”

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